3 December 2017

12 Sign To Know If A Nigerian Man Truly Loves You


When it comes to matters of the heart involving Nigerian men,
every lady should tread carefully because Nigerian men are wired differently and some of them are wolves in sheep's clothing. 

I guess your quest is to find out if that Nigerian man truly loves you as he already claims to or probably he is still skeptical and doesn't want to open up to you yet,in this article we will check out the signs you should look out for that will help you to decipher if that Nigerian man truly loves you. 

You should also take note that some Nigerian men can go to any length or extent to get what they want from women,and in the process of doing so,will lavish you with gifts and attention,but this will usually start to fade sporadically if you don't give in too easy,if this scenario happens then he is probably fake. 

Before we digress lets go back to the main topic of the day: 

How To Know If A Nigerian Man Loves You

You should look out for the following signs:

1. Check Up

If he calls randomly from work or from his home to ask you how your day went,what this means is that he remembers you constantly and randomly and that also means that he always has the urge to check up on you. 
2. Be Observant

Be observant,listen to what he calls you,if he has a special pet name for you,then he could actually be into you. 

3. Early Morning Calls

Does he call you first thing in the morning? 

If actually he calls you the moment he wakes up then that means he really loves you and also means that you are the first person that came to his mind when he woke up. 

4. Night Calls And Texting

If that Nigerian man only calls late at night or sends suggestive text messages,that means that he is not into you,he is just after self gratification and s*x.

Also if he asks for n*de pictures then that's a clear red light that he just wants to hit and run.

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5. Body Language

Watch his body language whenever you two are together,if during a discussion he is always trying to avoid important topics like marriage,commitment etc but will always be excited to bring up and discuss irrelevant topics while making lots of eye contacts,holding your hands and touching your waist line,then it's crystal clear all he wants to do is to sle@p with you. 

6. Company

If he only wants you to come to his house when he is lonely and needs company,which will eventually lead to s*x,then it's obvious he is really not into you. 

7. Long Calls

Most Nigerian men are not really into long calls and conversations,but if he calls you on the phone and spends minutes talking and discussing about random stuff,then he probably likes you a lot.

8. Remarks

A man can admire a woman's curves and physique,it gives the woman a boost in her level of confidence,however if all he does is to admire your body and call you names like '' hot'' ''hottie'', '' hot cake'' Etc without getting to know other things about you,then you should know probably know that he is only interested in your body. 

9. How He Treats You

Don't believe otherwise,most Nigerian men love their mothers and definitely know how to properly treat any woman they love,if he treats you well and respects your feelings and opinions,then he probably loves you a lot.

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10. Time Conscious 

Even with his busy and tight schedule a Nigerian man that is in love with you will definitely make out time to spend with you.

He must definitely make out time to spend to with you in a day and will make sure special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are spent with you.

Even if you are in a long distance relationship with him,he will definitely make out time to video call or Skype with you,if he doesn't do this,he is definitely distracted by someone else,what this means is that he is not really into you. 

11. Wing Man

Oo yes! When a Nigerian man is in love with you,he will convert you to his right hand wing man,and start using the word ''we'' instead of ''I'',and will literally tell you about all his plans and aspirations and will definitely want you to be a part of it.

12. Genuine Interest

When a Nigerian man is into you,he will show genuine internet in your life and will be there for you at your lowest and highest point in your life and career. 

If he doesn't show genuine concern and interest in your life,then be rest assured that he is already giving that to someone else. 


13. Show Off

When a Nigerian man really loves you and is proud of you,he will definitely show you off to all his friends and family,apart from that he will be affectionate towards you,he will hold your hands in public and proudly take you to his company events or functions.

Naturally Nigerian men like to show off,and if you ain't part of his 'showoff'',then that means your a ''no show'' and he is not really in love with you.

In Conclusion:

some Nigerian men would act like they are Prince Charming and show you all the love,care and affection in the world,until they get what they want,then everything will be gone in a twinkle of an eye.

You just have to be observant,and most importantly you have to trust your intuition and instincts,most often they don't lie. 

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