12 January 2018

Top 10 Grounds For Divorce In Nigeria 2018


Shey it was for better and for worse?
It was supposed to last forever abi? but along the line you decided that you couldn't go all the way to the forever land,you have carefully taught about this thoroughly and has decided to settle for a divorce even though a lot of people and clerics see this act as a taboo,you absolutely don't care,you want out! 

In this article we will swiftly take a look at some of the top 10 grounds for divorce in Nigeria. 

What this means is that there are some requirements that has to be met before you can get a divorce in Nigeria,if however by any means you fall short of these requirements,then you might not be able to get a divorce. 

Top 10 Grounds For Divorce In Nigeria 

1. Time

For a divorce to become successful the marriage has to be at least up to 2 years old,if it's not up to two years old then you would probably not be able to get a divorce. 

But hey,all hope is not lost,you can go ahead and get what is called 'an annulment'. 

2. Unresponsive 

This is when your spouse has persistently refused your s*xual advances,this is a situation where one party rejects the other,meaning that they no longer make love as man and wife.
3. Infidelity

This is also one of the major grounds for divorce,it is when your spouse has committed adultery and you find it impossible to live with him/her.

4. Irresponsibility 

In this case scenario,your spouse is behaving in an irresponsible way that may endanger your life or that of your children,such acts include acts of rape, sodomy, constant drunkenness/intoxication,frequent crime convictions Etc 

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5. Abandonment 

Has your spouse abandoned you and disappeared into the thin air? Then it is one of the grounds for getting a divorce. 

6. Desertion

This is applicable when your spouse has deserted you for at least one year,desertion in the case that your spouse literally abandoned you and walked out of the marriage. 

7. Agreement 

This is applicable when both parties has lived apart for two years,then come together to agree that divorce is the best solution since it's no longer working out,this actually makes the divorce process easier as the both parties are in agreement. 

8. Living Apart

You have both lived apart for a long period of time at least up to three years. This is one of the accepted ground for divorce. 

9. Conjugal Rights

Your spouse has for a period of not more than one year, failed to comply with a decree made by the court regarding your conjugal right.

What this means that your partner has still refused your se*ual advances even after the court mandate.

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10. M.I.A

Your spouse or partner has been long gone without any word from him/her for over 7 years. 

Under the Evidence Act, when someone goes for up to 7 years, he/she can legally be presumed dead under the law in Nigeria.

Listed above are the top 10 grounds for divorce,it has been simplified for our non legal readers,if you have any questions or comments,you can ask in the comment section below. 

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