11 January 2018

Top 10 Yahoo Boy Formats In Nigeria 2018


Whether you like them or not,the fact is that Yahoo boys are smiling
to the bank on a regular basis,they keep on devising new yahoo formats to defraud unsuspecting individuals online.

In this post we will examine and take a good look at the yahoo boy phenomenon in Nigeria,who they are,how they start their yahoo career and make money,their yahoo websites,yahoo plus,yahoo business and how you can stay safe online. 

Yahoo (Internet Fraud) is named after the popular free email account american company Yahoo!,the name became synonymous with internet fraud and crime because scammers use its free e-mail accounts to commit their crimes online. 

A lot of young people are lured by the expensive lifestyle of yahoo boys,most of them own flashy foreign cars,mansions,throw big parties,wear designer clothes Etc,all these has made the trade to become very popular in Nigeria.

Top 10 Yahoo Boy Formats In Nigeria 

Due to the agonizing level of unemployment and poverty in Nigeria and also the desperation among the young unemployed youths that the government has failed to provide jobs for,thousands of young Nigerians has decided to kick off their yahoo career (G Boys) all in a bid to make millions and take care of themselves. 

Most yahoo boys in Nigeria are always online and have a steady internet connection,they also prefare to work on weekends because most banks don't operate on weekends. 

G boys also spend hours awake at night because of different country timezone and the need to keep up with their activities.

Some even go to the extra mile of using 'yahoo plus',a form of voodoo that they believe will help them to be much more successful online. 

listed below are some of the 10 top formats yahoo boys use to make their money in Nigeria. 

1. Dating Websites

Yahoo boys make money from dating sites,majority of G boys register on different foreign dating websites that is mostly not accessible to users from Nigeria. 

They will create a profile,find an attractive picture and wait for an unsuspecting victim 'client' to fall helplessly in love,after which the billing process will commence.

He or she will begin to pay bills and start sending dollars.

2. Social Media 

G boys are experts when it comes to social media maneuvering and creating of fake profile pages. 

They also know how to send well crafted messages to their victims.
3. Credit Card Fraud 

Yahoo boys are also experts when it comes to different ATM fraud techniques,they usually target illiterate people,aged people and individuals that are not technology savvy. 

Some of them hang around ATM locations or even install hidden cameras at ATM locations. 

4. Persuasion & Lies

A yahoo boy is usually persuasive and full of lies when dealing with his/her client (victim). 

Most of them can go to any extent to defraud people of their hard earned money. A yahoo boy is willing to cry,beg,dance and literally do anything for the victim to believe the genuineness of the format. 

5. Marriage Format 

Most of these yahoo boys capitalize on the fact that some women are desperate for marriage and use that to their advantage. 

They setup fake accounts on different marriage websites and promise their victims love and marriage. 

6. Realtor Format 

This format has been used to defraud unsuspecting foreigners of millions of dollars,the yahoo boy pretends to be a real estate agent or realtor and sends fake original documents and pictures to the client. 

The yahoo boy will try to convince the client to invest or buy the property,after the client makes payment for the property,the supposed realtor will disappear into thin air.
7. Investment Scam 

Yahoo boys in Nigeria will disguise as representatives of popular companies in Nigeria,they will contact foreign companies or individuals with money and offer a false investment proposal.

Any unsuspecting victim will invest only to realize that it is not a genuine transaction. 

8. Phishing 

Phishing simply means using illegal means to acquire any person's private data such as passwords, usernames, and credit card data.

Most yahoo boys are experts when it comes to Phishing,alot of people has lost millions of dollars due to the phishing activities of yahoo boys. 

9. Allies 

Most yahoo boys have young reliable staffs working in banks,that assist in committing fraud. 

Most G boys work hand in hand with these bankers,and at the end of each successful transaction,the bankers will get their own commission. 

10. Street Smart 

Contrary to what people think about yahoo boys or G boys,the actual fact is that they are actually smart and slippery enough to defraud people of their hard earned money.

Yahoo boys also like to work in groups or cliques,that way,information and new techniques can be shared among one another. 

A new person that want to become a yahoo boy is usually taught the skills and techniques by an established professional yahoo boy.
In conclusion: 

Yahoo,419 or any form of internet crime is a punishable offense under Nigerian law that attracts a prison sentence and should be avoided by all means. 

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