12 February 2018

Big Brother Naija 2018: Online Live Stream,Official Website,Social Media Account,Housemates & Contestants 


Big Brother is a reality game show franchise created by John de Mol Jr.
Ever since it's creation the show has aired internationally in many countries around the world,with different countries creating their own version, whereas it was originally first broadcasted in the Netherlands.

This post however contains all the details about the current Big Brother Naija 2018,including information about the housemates and contestants,how to watch and stream Big Brother Naija 2018 on your phone,lapton and DStv/GOtv,how to watch BBNAIJA 2018 live broadcast on your laptop,the official BBNaija 2018 social media accounts & official websites and also how Nigerians in diaspora can view the Big Brother Naija from any part of the world. 

Big Brother Naija 2018

The Big Brother Naija is a TV show based on the Big Brother show.
In this year's BBNAIJA 2018,there are 20 contestants competing for the grand prize of N45 million Naira and a brand new SUV. 

The show is expected to last for 85 Days. 

Just like other Big Brother shows the winner will be the last house mate standing after all the other 19 housemates has been evicted. 

The 2018 edition of the popular reality TV show, Big Brother Naija kicked off on  January 28. 

Q: How To Watch Big Brother Naija 2018?

If your a GOtv subscriber in Nigeria or a DStv subscriber,you can watch BBNAIJA live on DStv channel 198 or GOtv channel 29 via your decoder. 

Q: What Is The Name Of The 20 Housemates / Contestants On Big Brother Naija 2018?

The BBNAIJA 2018 show kicked off with 20 housemates namely: 
  • Bitto
  • Miracle
  • Princess
  • Ifu
  • Leo
  • Khloe
  • Anto
  • Rico Swavey
  • Dee One
  • --
  • K- Bruile
  • Teddy A
  • Lolu
  • Cee-C
  • Tobi Bakre
  • Angel
  • Vandora
  • Nina
  • Alex
  • Bam Bam
  • Ahneeka

Q: How To Watch Big Brother Naija Online / BBNaija Stream? 

Those who are constantly on the move or those who are not currently in Africa,can still watch BBNAIJA online through their smart phones and laptop.

If you have an Apple iPhone (iOS devices) or an Android device,all you have to do is to download the DStv Now App which is available for iOS and Android devices,you can download this App from Google PlayStore or Apple Store,this App will enable you to stream and watch Big Brother Naija  on your mobile phone and tablet.

Also those that have laptops can still watch and stream the show online by logging on to the official BBNAIJA 2018 website.

Q: How To Watch Big Brother Naija Live Stream (Live Broadcast)? 

If you don't want to watch the highlights or stream the videos but you want to watch Big Brother Naija 2018 in real time (Live Broadcast),follow the steps below: 

(a) Upgrade your browser if your still using an older version of either Chrome,Firefox,Internet Explorer,Opera Etc before trying to stream live broadcast of BBNAIJA 2018. Compatible browsers include: 

  • Firefox version 47 or a Higher Version
  • Internet Explorer 11 or Or a Higher Version
  • Chrome version 53 or a Higher Version 
  • Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Or a Higher Version 
  • Safari 9 or a Higher Version
  • Opera 43 or a Higher Version

(b) Log on to www.dstv.com 
(c) Login with your DStv Connect ID. You can easily create your DStv Connect ID the first time you access the website. You will also be needing your smart card number to create the ID.
(d) Go ahead and click on the "Live TV menu". This will show a list of TV channels available for live streaming.
(e) Scroll down to Big Brother Naija 2: Live Broadcast
(f) Click on the BBNaija tile to begin streaming the live broadcast. 

To be able to stream and watch Big Brother Naija 2 Live Broadcast make sure that you have a strong and stable internet connection preferably a 5G connection. 

Before you can be able to stream and watch Big Brother Naija 2 Live Broadcast you must be be a valid DStv subscriber.

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Q: Official Handle Of Big Brother Naija 2018 On Different Social Media Platforms?
  • Twitter : @ BBNaija or use the hashtag #BBNaija
  • Facebook: @ Big Brother Naija.
  • Instagram: @BigBroNaija

Q: Official Big Brother Naija 2018 Website?

Log on to www.africamagic.dstv.com/show/big-brother-nigeria-s3

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