How To Apply + Requirements For Canadian Visa For Nigerian Citizen

So you have dreams of working in Canada or schooling in Canada
and as a Nigerian you literally do not know how to apply for a canadian visa and you don't know the requirements or how to apply for a canadian visa.
Don't worry yourself because this post contains all the necessary summerized steps required for the application of canadian visa in Nigeria,honestly you do not need a visa agency to comfortably secure your Nigerian visa in Nigeria if you follow this simple and explicit rules and requirements,however if you are a busy person you can as well consult a professional visa agency.

How To Apply For Canadian Visa In Nigeria

The first step is to know the type of visa you want to secure,there are four main types of canadian visa available for Nigerian citizens namely:
  • Canadian Travel Visa
  • Canadian Business Visa
  • Canadian Student Visa
  • Canadian Working Visa 
Now let me simply explain this type of visa in the simplest way possibe.
  • Canadian Travel Visa is for Nigerians who want to travel to Canada for vacations,or tourism or just to visit friends and Family in Canada.
  • Canadian Business Visa is for established business men and women in Nigeria that want to travel to canada for a business related event,for example a business conference or important meetings with business partners.
  • Canadian Transit Visa is for Nigerians en route another country,you will be allowed to be in Canada's sovereign territory for no more than 72 hours.Nigerian seafarers are usually issued this type of visa.
  • Canadian Student Visa is granted to Nigerians who want to study in Canada.These visas are valid for a specific number of years.
  • Canadian Working Visa is for Nigerians that have the intention of going to work in Canada or are already working in Canada.

Now you know the type the Visas available,its now left for you to choose from one,lets 
continue with the requirements and steps necessary in order to secure your canadian visa.
See steps below:
  • It is mandatory that you submit your applications in person.
  • Log on to the canadian IRCC website and read the complete information on the website.
  • CLICK HERE to access the IRCC Website for Nigerian visas.
  • Read the visa/permit requirements on the IRCC website.
  • Download the appropriate application forms and checklist relevant to the purpose of your application.
  • Don't forget to refer to the 'prepare your application page' to obtain details on visas/permits.
  • Nigerians are expected to give their biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) when applying for a visitor visa,study permit or work permit.
  • Ensure that you fill out the application form and other relevant documents electronically and print it out. 
  • CLICK HERE to view and download the canadian visa forms.
  • Print the forms out in a quality non glossy paper.
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  • Print all forms using a laser printer.
  • Assuming you are unable to provide all the supporting documents as directed in the official IRCC document checklist, you are expected to fill out and sign the waiver form and attach it with your application form.
  • CLICK HERE to download the WAIVER FORM.
  • Failure to provide a completed and signed waiver form in place of some supporting documents will result to delays or refusal of your application for a visa, permit or travel document.
  • Ensure to fill the VFS consent form and attach it with your application form.
  • CLICK HERE to Download the consent form.
  • After filling out the forms,then its time to pay your visa fees.
  • Pay your visa fees and biometric fee,as instructions in the Canadian Visa Office website.
  • CLICK HERE OR HERE to see the Canadian visa fees for Nigerians.
  • Visit any local Canada Visa Application Centre or an embassy,make sure you bring your passport,completed forms and all supporting documents and photocopies as per checklist and IRCC fee and payment instructions. 
  • Ensure you bring an accepted method of payment,come with cash if possible.
  • Pay the service charges.
  • Submit your complete application.
  • You will be issued a receipt. 
  • This receipt contains a unique tracking number which you will need to track the progress of your application online.
This is a quick rundown of the necessary steps on how to apply for a canadian visa and its requirements in Nigeria.