Top 6 Best Construction Companies In Nigeria 


There are a lot of construction companies in Nigeria.
Most of the foreign construction companies in nigeria have expertise and practice and has decades of experience making them some of the best companies in the business of construction in Nigeria.
These companies has helped in the construction of bridges,roads,buildings Etc 
Most of these construction companies whether foreign or local have their offices located in Lagos and Abuja.

This article lists some of the best and top construction companies in Nigeria.

If you want to undertake any construction task without any fear of engineering or construction mistakes,then you should consider these construction companies,although they can be quite expensive,but they have proven over the years that they have the ability to deliver.

Top 6 Best Construction Companies In Nigeria

1.Julius Berger Construction Company

Julius Berger Nigeria PLC is the most popular construction company in Nigeria,they have undertaken and completed several and various engineering projects in Nigeria.

Julius Berger, founded the company in1950 and In August 1965, the company undertook its first project in Nigeria,that is the construction of the Eko Bridge in Lagos.

Julius Berger has its headquarters in Abuja with branch offices in Lagos and Uyo.

The company is know for its structural engineering and infrastructure works and is regarded as the best construction company in Nigeria.

The company has constructed major expressways, residential buildings,domestic and international oil and gas industry projects and is known for constructing most of Nigeria's infrastructures.

Julius Berger has up to 18,000 employees from about 40 nations in the world.

Some of Julius Berger's major projects in Nigeria include:
  • Eko Bridge completed in 1968.
  • Third Mainland Bridge completed in 1990
  • Abuja Stadium completed in 2003.
  • First discharge drain built utilizing pipe-jacking technology in Nigeria, completed in 2011.
  • National Assembly phase III, completed in 2011.
  • Multiple projects, Escravos GTL plant in southern Nigeria, commissioned in 2012.
  • Tin Can Island Port, commissioned in 1977.
  • Lagos Inner Ring Road, completed in 1979.
  • Ajaokuta Steel Plant, completed in 1990.
  • Itakpe – Ajaokuta Ore Railway, completed in 1990.
  • Abuja International Airport phase II, completed in 1997.
  • Central Bank of Nigeria Head Office, completed in 2002.
  • Uyo infrastructure and road works, ongoing since 2008.
  • Bonny Liquefied Natural Gas facility, multiple ongoing works since 1996.
  • Challawa Gorge Dam Karaye, completed in 1992.
The company also operates a German School in Abuja.

2. Dantata & Sawoe Construction Company

Dantata and Sawoe has been operating in Nigeria for over 37 years,and has employed over 4,000 people including expatriates.

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Founded by Alhaji (Dr.) Abdulkadir,D&S is known for the construction of roads and highways, bridges,airstrips,irrigation projects Etc

D&S construction has its headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.
With an impressive fleet of over 1000 mobile vehicles,Dantata and Sawoe is regarded as one of the best construction companies in Nigeria.

D&S construction has it's own aggregate Crushing and Asphalt Mixing Plants which makes them highly efficient with a high performance rate.
D&S construction has been credited with the construction of several highways and township roads,bridges and flyovers in Nigeria.

3. Setraco Construction

Another popular major player in the Nigerian construction industry is Setraco Nigeria Limited.

With over 35 years of experience in and structural and civil engineering services in Nigeria. 

Setraco is known to have several branches and has undertaken several projects across Africa.

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Setraco played its own part in developing Nigeria’s infrastructure.
With about 11,000 employees from all corners of Nigeria and from 23 various nationalities across 6 continents.Setraco recruits the best professionals and technicians from all world and currently has a presence in 15 Nigerian states.

Setraco has constructed a lot of Nigerian roads and was involved in the construction of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

4. Reynolds Construction Company (RCC)

The RCC is a subsidiary of SBI International Holdings, Switzerland,and has been taking part in construction of infrastructures in Nigeria and is regarded as one of the best construction companies in Nigeria.

The SBI International Holdings AG (SBI) Group's projects span the globe with concentration of activities in Africa, Central America and Europe. 

SBI's also played a major role in the construction of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.
The construction company has constructed numerous road and building projects in Nigeria.

5. Brunelli Construction

Brunelli Construction has been involved in a lot of notable construction projects in Nigeria.

The construction company has undertaken construction works like carnal dredging,construction of jetties, shore protection works,drainage construction, concrete electric poles construction, diaphragm wall installation,water treatment plant projects Etc
Brunelli construction is backed by its parent company Picollo Brunelli & Co and also has  a team of highly skilled and experienced chartered engineers,and is regarded as one of the best construction company in Nigeria. 

6. El-Alan Construction Company

EL-ALAN Construction Company (Nigeria) Limited was founded in 1982 as a private limited liability company and is regarded as one of the fastest growing  construction and civil engineering companies in Nigeria. 

El-Alan is known to deliver high quality construction services. 

The company started off as a renovation construction company before gaining success and reputation as one of the best construction companies today.

Its values are built on consistent quality, speed, efficiency and overall client satisfaction.

El Alan has since expanded its operation to cater to a construction needs of both the public and private sectors.