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Fun Spots In 042 Enugu State Nigeria: Night Life And Entertainment

Enugu state is located in south eastern Nigeria.

The state is quite peaceful and has a great night life too. 

Enugu also has some nice joints,sit outs and hangouts that run every day of the week.
This article contains a list of all the fun places in Enugu state that you should consider visiting if your a tourist or your planning to visit the state for the first time. 

Quick Facts About Enugu State 
  • Enugu state was created in 1991 from part of the old Anambra State.
  • Its capital and largest city is Enugu.
  • Its nicknamed the Coal City State because of the abundance of coal in the state. 
  • Enugu state is also called 'Wawa State' (Ndi Wawa)
  • Popular delicacies - Okpa & Abacha.
  • Has a population of over 3 million people.
  • Enugu state is popularly called 042 because of its local dialing code.
  • The city was named after Enugwu Ngwo, under which coal was found.

Fun Spots In 042 Enugu State Nigeria:


Enugu is a calm and decent city that its inhabitants work hard during the day and come out to relax at night. 


There are Taxi's,Buses and Tricycles (keke Na pepe) for easy movement.

Places To Eat In Enugu
  • Dolphin Restaurant
  • Genesis Restaurant
  • Discovery kitchen
  • Emily Restaurant 
  • Roots
  • Shoprite Mall food court
  • New Berries Park
  • --
  • Brifina Bush Bar 
  • Crunchies 
  • Golden Toast 
  • Kilimanjaro
  • Bush Bar

Hang-out Spots In Enugu
  • Spar Mall
  • Polo Park Mall
  • Nike Lake Resort
  • New Berries Park
  • Villa Toscana Sitout (villa Toscana Hotel)
  • Neocourt pool Side & Bar (neocourt Hotel)
  • Bush Bar
  • Oakland park 
  • Magic garden 
  • Michael Okpara square 

Places To Shop In Enugu
  • Spar Mall
  • Polo Park Mall
  • Roban Stores (Supermarket)
  • Eastern Shop
  • Ogbete Main Market

  • Spar Enugu Mall

Hotels / Accommodation 
  • Hard Break Hotel
  • Golf Le-Meridien Hotel Enugu
  • Blue Island Hotel and Suites
  • Nondon Hotels
  • Gold Value Hotels Limited
  • Dannic Hotels
  • De Angelo Hotel And Resort
  • Ritz Carinton SuitesAaron's Place
  • Roban Hotels Ltd
  • Bex Suites & Spa
  • White Leaf Hotels Ltd Enugu
  • Fontana Hotel Ltd
  • Stephanies Hotels
  • Nue Crest Hotel and Suits
  • La-Nic Suites
  • Richmond Hill Suites
  • Eden Crest by Cirios Hotels
  • The Bull Hotel
  • Gorgik Hotel
  • The Maybach Hotel

  • Natural Attraction Spots

  • Akwuke beach 
  • Ezeagu tourist complex
  • Awgu Hills, Awgu Area 
  • Nsukka Hills, Nsukka Area 
  • Udi Hills, Udi Area 
  • Obinofia Ndiuno Lakes, Ezeagu Area
  • Odor-Ugwu Cave, Ezeagu Area 
  • Ogba Umuogubi Cave, Ezeagu Area 
  • Ngebe Lakes, Nkanu Area
  • Attakwu Lake, Nkanu Area 
  • Obanukwu Lake, Nkanu Area 
  • Odoro Lake, Oji-River 
  • Nyaba Sand Beach, Attakwu, Nkanu 
  • Obinofia Ndiuno Caves, Ezeagu 
  • Ogbo Gwoo Gwoo Cave, Ezeagu 
  • Ogba Ihunekweagu, Akpugo, Nkanu 
  • Inyi Chine Cave, Udi 
  • Isu Awaa Cave, Awgu 
  • Odoro Caves, Oji-River Area 
  • Ogba Agana Cave, Ezeagu
  • Ngwo Milken hills

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