How To Borrow Airtime,Credit From MTN,GLO,Airtel,9 Mobile (Etisalat) Codes


Ever been in a situation where you need to borrow airtime from Nigerian network providers? MTN,GLO,Airtel,9 Mobile (Etisalat).

If you have ever been in that dire situation to make an important call or an emergency call,you will know that these service rolled out by Nigerian network providers has helped its subscribers to make important calls when they cannot top up or recharge their line.
These network providers has different criteria that has to be met before,a customer can borrow credit,however they are a few general rules that is applicable to almost all Nigerian network providers that you should know,read it below.

How To Borrow Airtime,Credit From MTN,GLO,Airtel,9 Mobile (Etisalat) Codes

Quick Facts About Borrowing Airtime / Credit  
  • Borrowed credit will be deducted immediately you make a recharge.
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  • You need to recharge up to a particular amount within a specified period of time before you can qualify to borrow airtime or credit. 
  • Every borrowed credit comes with a service charge,for example,a 10% service charge,means that if you borrow N100,you get N90.
  • Most borrowed airtime or credit has an expiry date. 
  • You can’t subscribe for mb data with a network borrowed credit.

MTN Network 


MTN's service that offers airtime to its customers is called MTN XtraTime.

MTN XtraTime allows its qualified customers to borrow airtime on credit when their account balance low.

The airtime or credit received on credit can be used for all chargeable activities on the MTN network. 

MTN's Eligibility Criteria For XtraTime
  • Available to active prepaid customers. 
  • SIM must be prepaid and registered.
  • Credit account balance of customer must be between N0 and N12.
  • Monthly consideration of Customer's monthly recharge and  monthly spend.
  • Customer must not be owing any previous charges or debt. 
How To Borrow Credit via MTN XtraTime
Follow the steps below:
  • Access MTN XtraTime by dialling:
  • *606#
  • A menu will be displayed:
  • Customers can also check their Special XtraTime account balance by dialing *606#.
Also Note:

MTN XtraTime service attracts a service charge of 15% of the airtime borrowed,what this means is that if you borrow a credit of N100,you will be Credited with N85 into your XtraTime account.
To check how much you are owing MTN,use the usual balance inquiry code *556#.

The negative value is the amount you are owning the network,which will be deducted the next time you make a regular recharge.

Glo Network


Glo has its own service that allows its prepaid customers to borrow credit in other to top up their account,that way they can never run out of recharge. 

How To Borrow Credit - Airtime On Glo Network
  • Dial the short code *321#
Specified codes of amount which the customer qualifies for,will be displayed. 
All specific denominations short code: 
  • *321*50# for N50
  • *321*100# for N100
  • *321*200# for N200
  • *321*500# for N500
  • *321*1000# for N1000
Before you qualify for Glo's borrow me credit you must have been active on the network for a specific period of time.

Eligibility Matrix
  • N50 :    4 months 
  • N100 :  4 months 
  • N200 :  4 months
  • N500 :  4 months
  • N1000 :12 months

9mobile ( Etisalat) Network


9mobile's subscribers can borrow credit via the networks service called 'morecredit'.

9mobile's morecredit is available to all pre-paid customers and can also be used in the same way as normal airtime.
9mobile subscribers can borrow N50, N100, N200, N500, N1,000, N1,150 and N2600.

You can pay back the borrowed credit anytime you recharge,you can also pay back via e-top up and transferred airtime from other customers.

You will incur a 15% service charge i.e for example, when you borrow N50 you’ll receive N42.50.

How To Borrow Credit - Airtime On 9mobile / Etisalat  Network

Find out if you’re eligible for morecredit by dialing:

  • *665*3#
  • OR by texting STATUS to 665.
Then to borrow credit
  • Dial *665*[Amount]#
  • For example, dial *665*50# to borrow N50
  • OR
  • Text “amount” to 665.

Airtel Network


Extra Credit is a credit advance service available for Airtel's prepaid customers.

The borrowed airtime is to be repaid within 3 days,the airtime can be used to make calls to other networks.
Airtel subscribers that has been on the network for over 3months qualify for these service. 

How To Borrow Credit - Airtime On Airtel Network

To borrow airtime:
  • Dial *500 #
  • Follow the prompt