How To Get Qatar Visa In Nigeria

Qatar,also known officially as the State of Qatar is a sovereign country located in Western Asia.

The country's only border is with Saudi Arabia to the south. 
This post contains details on how you can get a Qatar visa in Nigeria. 
Many Nigerians travel to Qatar for different reasons,some Nigerian graduates travel for Qatar for jobs,while some visit the Arab country for tourism. 

How To Get Qatar Visa In Nigeria

Types Of Visa

Officially the country of Qatar offer the following types of visa.
  • (a) On-arrival visas
Qatar's Ministry of Interior offers a number of immediate arrival visas. Visitors are issued visa on arrival,without the need to obtain a visa in advance. 
  • (b) 30 & 90 Days Toursit Visa 
  • (c) Common tourist visa for 33 countries
  • (d) Visa for GCC Residents and their accompaniers
  • (e) Visa for accompaniers of GCC citizens
  • (f) On-arrival visa for truck drivers from GCC residents
  • (g) Visa for newborn babies
  • (h) Visa for of seafarers
  • (i) Business visa 

How To Get Qatar Visa

There are basically six ways to get a Qatar Visa in Nigeria: 

1. Qatar Embassy

One of the ways you can secure a Qatar visa in Nigeria is to visit the Embassy of Qatar In Nigeria,where you can apply for a visa.
2. Qatar Tourist Hotels

Some tourist hotels in Qatar work hand in hand the embassy of Qatar in Nigeria and can offer assistance with Visa and accommodation. 

3. Qatar Airways

You can also contact the official airline of Qatar for inquiries,flight bookings and assistance. 

4. Travel Agency

There are a lot of travel agents that can help you to process your travel to Qatar,however caution should be taken when choosing a travel agency in other to avoid dealing with fraudulent travel agencies.   

5. Relations & Friends

The chances of securing a Qatar visa will be higher if you have close friends or family living and working in Qatar.

They will be your sponsors and will assist you in the visa process, they can assist by sponsoring your Visa application. 

6. Employers

If your working in Nigeria but have plans of traveling to Qatar,you can apply for jobs online,if successful,then you can convince your employer to be your sponsor. 
Visa applications with company sponsors are readily approved.
However caution should be taken when dealing with travel agents,hotels and Airways because their visa applications are not always successful,moreover you will only be issued a travel visa.

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Required Documents For Qatar Embassy Visa Application 

The following documents should be on standby prior to the visa application: 
  • A 2 by 2 colored passport sized photograph.
  • Photocopies of the information page of your international passport.
  • A valid international passport (validity not less than six months from the applicants intended stay at Qatar).
  • The passport should also have free pages for placement of the Visa.
  • An invitation letter for a Tourist Visa,while a company letter should accompany the Business Visa
  • Also proof of accommodation and funds will be needed. 

A Tourist visa will be ready within 12 business days while a working Visa takes up to one month.