How To Subscribe For Startimes Pay Per Day

Startimes has introduced the Pay Per Day subscription plan which will
enable their customers to either Pay Per Day, Pay Per Week or Pay Per Month,this new subscription plan is effective from November 1st 2017.

You can now view your favorite channels with N60 per day and N300 a week on the Nova bouquet.
What this means is that you can watch your favorite shows for N60 Daily. Startimes is offering entertainment at an affordable price.

Startimes Pay Per Day

Startimes Basic Bouquet Subscribers 
Current Startimes Basic bouquet subscribers will also be able to enjoy subscription rates as low as N90 per day and N450 per week.
Startimes Classic Bouquet Subscribers 
Classic bouquet subscribers will pay N180 per day, N900 per week on the DTT (Antenna) Platform.

Startimes Nova Bouquet Subscribers 

Subscribers on the DTH (Dish) Nova bouquet will pay N60 per day, N300 per week and 900 per month.

Startimes Smart Bouquet Subscribers 
Startimes Smart Bouquet Subscribers will be able to pay N120 daily, N600 weekly and N1,900 monthly for all subscribers on the Smart bouquet.

Startimes Super Bouquet Subscribers 
Super Bouquet subscribers will pay N240daily, N1,200 weekly and N3,800 monthly.
Here is a breakdown of the Startimes Pay Per Day Subscription amount and main bouquets: 

  • Startimes Nova
  • Per Day: N60
  • Weekly: N300
  • Monthly: N900
  • Startimes Basic
  • Per Day:N90
  • Weekly: N450
  • Monthly: N1,300
  • Over 60+ Channels
  • Startimes Classic
  • Per Day:N180
  • Weekly: N900
  • Monthly: N2,600
  • Over 75+ Channels
  • Startimes Unique
  • Per Day:N240
  • Weekly: N1,300
  • Monthly: 3,800
  • Over 90+ Channels

Q: How To Subscribe/Pay For Startimes Pay Per Day Pay?

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