Health Insurance In Nigeria: 10 Quick Facts You Should Know 

In this post we will take a quick look at Health Insurance in Nigeria and all the quick facts that you should know.

For a lot a people the mention of health insurance doesn't really mean much because of how untrustworthy the health insurance system in Nigeria is,health insurance is basically a system that protects the customer of subscriber from bearing the burden of paying the full cost of medical services when they are sick or injured.
Health insurance almost works like other form of insurance,the user is expected to pay an amount of money every month and will be charged less when receiving medical care from a specific hospital under the health insurance scheme.

Check out some other 10 quick facts about health insurance in Nigeria that you should know.

Health Insurance In Nigeria: 10 Quick Facts You Should Know

  • 1. In Nigeria,the health insurance scheme is handled by the Nigerian National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).
  • 2. The  two main packages included in the NHIS are the Health Management Organization (HMO) and the Out Of Pocket (OOP).
  • 3. The HMO plan covers both the tiers of government and private sectors,the HMOs are in conjunction with the government to provide health care services to NHIS subscribers.
  • 4. The NHIS programs include:
  • (a) The Formal Sector Social Health Insurance Programme,this program is for employees in the public sector and organized private sector i.e a company with 10 staffs and above. This formal sector covers the staff, spouse and four biological children.
  • (b) The National Mobile Health Insurance Program (NMHIP)
  • (c) Voluntary Contributors Social Health Program (VCSHIP)
  • (d)  Tertiary Social Health Insurance Programme: for students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
  • (e) Community Based Social Insurance: for people in hamlets, markets, Etc.
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  • 5. Some of the benefits of NHIS include:
  • (a) Hospital care in a standard ward for a stay limited to cumulative of 21 days per year.(b) Maternity care for up to four live births for every insured contributor. (c) Consultation with medical specialists such as physicians, paediatrics, Etc. (d) Preventive care immunization (e) Health education, family planning,antenatal and post natal care.(e) Out-patient care
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  • 6. In other to enroll for the NHIS,registration of dependants i.e kids and Parents cost around N10,000 per head,this however varies depending on the program,however the government will pay the bulk sum of money for those under the Formal Sector Health Insurance Programme. As for the VCSHIP,registration costs N15,000 and N10,000 per head fee. NMHIP costs N12,000 and N9,000 per head.All fees are expected to be renewed annually.

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  • 7. Individuals willing to enroll for the Formal Sector Health Insurance Programme should make inquiries from the HMO firm the person is using,in ther to register and be issued the card.
  • 8. As for the NMHIP,interested individuals should contact any of the branches of the NHIS for further information and direction,although usually after the registration process,a card will be issued.
  • 9. Other Private Health Insurance companies like AGA, HYGEIA are regulated under the NHIS.