Maize Production In Nigeria > Quick Facts You Should Know

Maize is a cereal grain and one of the most popular food crop in Nigeria. 

All over the world,the crop is consumed both in Nigeria and Africa. 

If your thinking of investing in maize production in Nigeria,then there are some quick facts that you must know before you venture into the business. 
In this post will quickly list some of the 30 important quick facts that you should know about maize farming in Nigeria without boring you out. 

Now let's get started.

Maize Production In Nigeria > Quick Facts

1. Maize Production In Nigeria is one of the most lucrative agri-business in Nigeria,it is also quite easy to start. 

2. To start maize farming business in Nigeria,you have to be ready to invest your time,money and energy into the business in other to make maximum profit.

3. No special eBook or training is required before you can start up your corn business.

4. Maize is one of the most multi-functional crops in Africa,the crop is also rich in different vitamins,it also digests quite easily when consumed.  

5. Apart from eating corn,there are also some other foods that can be derived from maize,this includes:-  Pap,Custard,Cornflakes,Livestock Feeds,Corn Oil Etc. It is even used during the production of fuel. 
6. The crop is usually sowed during the beginning of the rainy season,in a cluster of 4 to 5 seeds with ridge spacing of up to 2 to 4 inches apart. You can buy a planter for sowing of seeds,it costs about N60,000. 

7. The best soil for sowing of the maize crop is the loamy soil.

8. Ensure that you make enough plan for water,as the crop thrives on it,you can also consider constructing an irrigation channel.

9. In other to reap a bountiful harvest it's important that you select the best seeds,there are different varieties of maize crops,some varieties are disease and infection resistant.

10. A secure barn that is pest free should be made available for your maize product. 

11. Make plans for the purchase of fertilizers in other to improve soil nutrient. 

12. Visiting a well organized maize farm for months to learn some practical knowledge and skill is also essential if your planning to start your own maize farm. 
13. Consider buying some machinery for your farm if you have the money,they will definitely make your farming experience less strenuous,items like planters,harvesters,weeders etc will definitely come in handy.

14. Maize attracts termites,rodents and some other pests which is a risk factor,you definitely need to have a solid plan to keep this in check. 

15. Carefully select the variety of maize seeds that has high yield and are also disease resistant,if your still new in the business,you can ask a much more experienced farmer for help when it comes to selecting viable seeds. 

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16. Literally everyone like to consume maize,and it can also be converted to different forms,there is a steady demand for maize crops,in other word, too much marketing or advertisement won't be needed. 

17. Maize farming brings quick returns in case of borrowed capital. 

18. The government and some banks in Nigeria has some schemes for giving loans to maize farmers. 
19. Maize farming is one of the most versatile cash crops,and it can survive under different weather,it is also the third most important food crop after wheat and rice.

20. The ideal temperature for maize farming is between 10 ºC - 20 ºC. 

21. Apart from a good soil maize also need sunlight to thrive,that is readily available for free in Nigeria. 

21. Maize is eaten per person in Africa than in any other part of the world. Lesotho which is a African country  has the highest consumption per capita of maize in the world.

22. The United States is the largest producer of maize,however over 80 percent of its maize harvest is used to produce animal feed.

23. There also a couple of hybrid commercial maize varieties available from different seed companies, you can purchase these,also carry out some investigation on the type of corn that is in demand in the area where you plan to sell your farm produce,for example in some areas white corn is preferable than the yellow variety and vice-versa.

24. The ideal maize crop is the one that grow fast,disease resistant and high yielding.
25. Before embarking or setting up your maize farm,make sure that you identify your maize market,and also consider some factor such as where you will sell your maize products and who is going to buy your maize produce. 

26. Harvesting of maize crops should be done when the maize outer cover of the cob turns from green to white color. Harvesting can be done by hand or with machines. 

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A farmer can harvest up to 2 - 7 tons of maize per hectare,a ton of corn will sell for over N125,000. 

27. Maize farming can be done successfully in any part of Nigeria. After cassava the next food crop that is widely and highly consumed in Nigeria is maize.

28. During land preparation for the maize crop,exposing the land to the sun for some days will help to kill pests.

29. Soaking the corn in water a day before planting will help the maize to germinate faster. A 20kg of maize might be needed for a hectare of land. 

30. The use of organic manure such as animal dung is highly encouraged.