Top 10 Health Benefits Of Exercise For Nigerians 

Across Nigeria thousands of Nigerians engage in different forms of exercise. 

Exercise is basically any form of bodily activity that enhances the physical fitness and overall health of an individual. 

Exercise can be in the form of a quick run,weight lifting,push ups,jogging,swimming etc.
Sadly millions of Nigeria do not engage in any kind of exercise at all,while others once tried to be physically active but couldn't keep up with the daily routine due to it's stressful nature. 

If your one of those that your doctor has recommended that you start exercise,or you simply want to start exercising for your general health and weight loss,listed below are some of the top 10 health benefits of exercise that will motivate you to hit the gym.  

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Exercise

1. Weight Loss

This is one of the main reasons why Nigerians engage in exercise. 
Exercise helps to prevent excess weight gain and also assist in the shedding of weight. 
When you exercise you burn calories,a more intensive exercise will burn more calories and aid in weight loss. 

2. Confidence Booster

Exercise can boost your moral,confidence and self esteem,most fat Nigerians disclosed that they became more confident and happier after they started hitting the gym regularly and lost weight. 

This can also be attributed to being in a good looking physical body accompanied by the positive remarks from people,all this will help to boost your confidence.  

3. Reverse Bone Loss

According to research,regular exercise can help to reverse bone loss in men and women which are caused by lack of calcium,this scenario often occurs as you get older and your bone mass starts to deteriorate. 

However a regular exercise pattern can help you to reverse this misfortune.

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4. Makes You Smarter

Studies has shown that people that exercise a lot tend to be more smarter and can be able to multitask effectively than people that don't exercise. 
Basically what exercise does,is that it enhances your brain function and makes you smarter.

5. Prevents Health Conditions

Generally exercise will help to improve your overall health condition, especially your heart. 
Doctors suggest exercise to their patients because it helps to prevent and naturally manage different health problems that are affecting them.

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6. Improves Mood & Energy

Exercise is known to be a booster of mood as any physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that will leave you feeling happy and charged. 

It also helps to give you more energy that will improve your muscle mass, strength and endurance by delivering oxygen and nutrients to your tissues.

7. Better Sleep

A lot of Nigerians that find it difficult to sleep at night can attest to the fact that they began to sleep better after engaging in 30 - 45 minutes exercise before their bed time. 

Exercise helps to promote better sleep. 

8. Better Relationship

Most people will tell you that exercise has really assisted them when it comes to fostering friendships and relationship with others. 

When you exercise in groups, you will find out that you will begin to connect with others effectively and generally you will be become more social. 

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9. Boost Happiness

According to researchers,exercise has helped a lot of people to boost their happiness levels. 
Exercise helps to trigger a chemical reaction that makes you feel happier after a good work out session. So next time if you feel low and moody,just hit the gym or take a quick run. 

10. Life Motivation

People that exercise a lot tend to achieve more both in the gym and outside of the gym. 
Exercise usually builds the mind set of setting and achieving goals,so if your one of those that has set a life time goal,hitting the gym might help you to achieve it faster.