Top 10 Traits Of Every True Nigerian 


Nigeria is a country located in West Africa.
The country has the largest number of black people in the world. 
Anyone from Nigeria is referred to as a 'Nigerian'. 

Nigeria has a population of over 200 million people that comprises of over 200 different ethnic groups. 

Out of  nearly 7,000 languages spoken on Earth,500 or more of these languages are spoken in Nigeria.
Nigeria is a heaven for cultural diversity, but out of all these differences there are certain traits that every true Nigerian possess. 

In this post we shall take a quick look at some of the top 10 traits that is innate in every Nigerian,so if your a Nigerian or you think that you might have Nigerian roots,if you possess some of these traits that are listed below that means you don't necessarily need to go for a genealogical DNA test,you might as well be a Nigerian!

Top 10 Traits Every True Nigerian Possess

1. Resilience & Doggedness

Despite the hardship and suffering that an average Nigerian face due to bad leadership in the country, an average Nigerian is resilient and has a 'never give up' attitude. 

Nigerians don't quit easily no matter where they are located in the world. 

2. Highly Religious

The average Nigerian is very religious.They wont hesitate to call 'Gods' name in whatever 
they do,as a result of this,some of the biggest churches and mosques are located in Nigeria. 

On religious worship days most businesses are closed in Nigeria. 

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3. Naturally Loud

Nigerians are naturally loud,most Nigerians have a high pitched voice,a conversation or an argument can be heard from a distance away. 

There is also the occassional screaming of "up Nepa" when power is restored in most Nigerian homes.

If you listen carefully during a conversation or an argument between two Nigerians,you will hear words like "oh's" "eh's" ''Haba'' ''abeg'' ''eghotago'' etc,when the argument start to heat up,most Nigerians tend to switch over and start speaking their indigenous native language.  

4. Always In Your Business

A typical Nigerian does not mind his or her business,they are always inquisitive and will openly or secretly investigate their neighbours. 
Despite the hardship and suffering that an average Nigerian face due to bad leadership in the country, an average Nigerian is resilient and has a 'never give up' attitude. 

5. Proud & Cocky

Nigerians are known to be proud and cocky with a heightened sense of identity and pride. 
A true Nigerian can never feel inferior regardless of where they are in the world. 

6. Hardworking 

Nigerians are hard workers,the average Nigerian is never lazy. 

They keep on striving against all odds,there is no place in the world that you will travel to and won't see a Nigerian.

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7. Community

Nigerians might have differences among themselves due to tribe and religion but they always team up when they are defending their identify. 
Most Nigerians will always insist that the Nigerian jellof rice is the best dish in the world lol. 

8. Pidgin English

You no be Nigerian lass lasss if you no sabi speak pidgin oo! 

The pidgin English is a language that almost every Nigerian understands,both the rich and the poor. 

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Most Nigerians can speak and understand pidgin English. The pidgin English brings out the that ''innate Nigerianness'' in every Nigerian. 

According to CNN the Nigerian accent is the 6th se*xiest accent in the world,ranking just below the British accent,how about that huh?

9. African Time

Most Nigerians don't keep to time,ever heard about African Time?
Nigerians will show up to an event several hours after the event has started. 
In Nigeria if you are invited to an event and you decide to keep to time,you will be disappointed because the venue will still be empty when you arrive. 

10. Show Off

Nigerians are naturally flamboyant,a typical Nigerian has a high taste. 

Most Nigerians live above their means,they like to party and enjoy the good life,they also use their material possessions as a show of class and status in the society.