Top 10 Quick Facts About The Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) That You Never Knew 

The Bureau Of Public Enterprises (BPE) is a federal
agency in Nigeria that Implements the NCP policies on privatization and commercialization.

The NCP is the National Council on Privatization.
In this post we are quickly going to take a look at some top 10 quick facts about the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) that you probably never knew until today.

Top 10 Quick Facts About The Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE)

  • 1. The Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) advise the NCP on which public enterprise that may be privatized or commercialized in Nigeria.
  • 2. Other functions of the BPE include:-
  • (a) Preparation of public enterprises approved by the NCP for privatization and commercialization.
  • (b) Advising the NCP on the capital restructuring needs of Nigerian public enterprises that are to be privatized.
  • (c) Account management for all commercialized enterprises for financial discipline.
  • 3. The BPE also nominate candidates for appointments such as investment bankers,consultants, advisers,solicitors, trustees,accountants etc and other professionals that will be needed privatization or commercialization.
  • 4. The BPE also oversee the sale of shares of the public enterprises to be privatized in Nigeria.
  • 5. The BPE ensures that any privatization exercise is done in accordance to the law and also encourage Nigerians and foreigners to participate.
  • 6. The BPE was created through the Public Enterprises (Privatization and Commercialization) Act 1999.The 
  • 7. The BPE has completed about 284 projects since its inception and works with over 200 consultants.
  • 8. The mission statement of the BPE is to be the model reform agency,to be the key driver of Government economic reform programme and to be the resource. centre for capacity building and sustenance of reforms
  • 9. There are six departments in the The Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) namely:-
  • (a) Finance and general services department
  • (b) Post transaction management department
  • (c) Infrastructure and public private partnership department
  • (d) Energy department
  • (e) Development institution and natural Resources department
  • (f) Industries and communications department
  • 10. BPE has different offices and locations across Nigeria,its headquartered at 11, Osun Crescent,P.M.B. 442 Garki, Maitama,Abuja.