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Top 10 Best Night Clubs In Nigeria

Top -10-Night-Clubs-Nigeria

Thank God its Friday,the weekend is finally here! its time to party!!!

Nigerians love to party despite all the challenges we are facing as a country.

Nigeria is the most populous black nation on earth,what this means is that out of every 5 black person you see,one of them is most likely to have Nigerian roots,are you planning to visit Nigeria or your already in Nigeria and your looking for a classy and safe place to club across Nigeria,search no further because I have compiled the list of top 10 clubs in Nigeria where you can have a good time. 

Top 10 Best Night Clubs In Nigeria

1. Club Quilox

Club Quilox is ranked as the best night club in Nigeria. It is owned by a Lagos socialite name Shina Peller. This classy night club is estimated to be worth more than 1 billion naira. Club Quilox was built to meet a world class standard which can be compared to other leading nightclubs in the world,most Nigerian celebrities go to party in this club.

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Quilox is located in Victoria Island Lagos. 

2. Cubana Group

The Cubana group is a company that provide luxurious entertainment to its customers. The cubana group is owned by a businessman named Obi Cubana. The Cubana group have top rated Night clubs in Lagos,Owerri,Abuja and Enugu

The Cubana group Night club was formerly managed by Cubana Chief Priest.

The Cubana group night club in Abuja is named Crave Cubana,Owerri is called Opium,Enugu is called Gustavo,while the three branches in Lagos state are called Pablo,Grind and Montana.

3. Club Silverfox

Silverfox Luxury Ad*ult Entertainment 

Are you looking for an extra type of fun? Club SilverFox is rated as one of the best s*trip club in Nigeria that offer a*dult entertainment to its customers. 

The club is adorned with Awesome mannequins accompanied with a stunning interior.

Don’t forget your wallet at home because their services are quite pricey. 

4. Moscow Underground 

Moscow Underground is one of the top rated Night club in Nigeria.

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It is located in the capital of Nigeria which is Abuja.

Moscow Underground is run by ace nightlife patron Uyi Ogbebor.

This club offer one of the best nightlife experience in Abuja.

5. Rumors Night Club

The rumors night club is a night club situated in Lagos Nigeria. The club has branches in Ikeja and Festac Town and Victoria Island. 

Rumors Night club is owned by a Nigeria musician called Innocent Idibia popularly known as 2Face Idibia.

6. Joker Night Club

This night club is rated as one of the best night club in Nigeria,the vibe felt here is second to none,Joker bar and lounge features a base lounge with a sound visual and audio technology.

Joker night club is located in Benin City Nigeria. 

7. Club 57

Another top Nigerian night club coming in at number seven is Club 57. This premium night club is a cool and fun to be place. 

You will probably love the experience if you're the clubbing type,it’s a good place to relax and enjoy the weekend with family and friends.

8. Club Xhrine

Eke! Orie! Afor! Nkwo! 

The Xhrine is holding down the eight position on our countdown. 

This nightclub is owned by Cubana Chief Priest who was once in charge of the Cubana clubs. Cubana chief priest decided to open his own night club in new owerri imo state.

Club Xhrine was founded in 2021. 

9. Orange Room

Orange room is no doubt one of the best night club in Nigeria. The atmosphere,vibe and party spirit is second to none.

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This club is located at the Owerri city the capital of the Eastern heartland of the nation. 

10. 2nite Club

2nite Club is one of the top night club in Enugu state,the club is owned by High life artiste Chinedu Okoli, popularly known as Flavour Nabania.

2nite Club is always lit on weekends,the club is located inside the premises of villa toscana hotel Enugu.

There you have it,the list of the some of the top Night clubs in Nigeria where you can go and have a great time,don’t forget to hit us up when your in our city so that we can party together and turn it up! 


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