Lyrics: Mz Kiss - Smoked Fish


This post contains the correct lyrics of Smoked Fish by Mz Kiss.

Lyrics: Mz Kiss - Smoked Fish 

Ahhhh Sess

Ha Ko won si problem

O por I don’t think they can solve them (Eni duro)

Gbe soke ki awon eleyi ma gbo se

Pe wan le fi bread agege kawa lo be

Stating the the fact

Omo iya mi ma lo far

( Eni duro)

Matter of fact

Awa Lon ko eyi n le n fa

( Eni duro)

Try to put my city on a map

Won ni kiss kilode o de face cap

Broke is a joke this girls don’t laugh

E ro pe e shin wa n be eyin to ti swap

Local banga ju si wan ye pkoka

Hit your balls like snookers

(Eni duro)

All your favorite are jokers

O fe gba mic mi o ko ko lo bere

(Eni duro)

O ko ko lo ko bo n shey ma n gba Omo lowo werey

They know I’m Dan gbana skushies

Got a body that’s juicy

All a n**** want is good pussy

Cannot hold a man down with egusi

Ko jor

Ma fe jo pa mi jor

Straight to the point ko ye n rojo

(Eni duro)

A ti mowun te se ti ile fi jona

(Eni eni eni eni duro)

( yeah)

Wanna mess with me you know it’s suicide

They Wanna be me but can’t wear my shoe size

They don’t know the story get two sides

You mudafuckers cannot get it right

( kuro n beye na)

Awon Omo figo fogo

La bete na logo

O n sa where you wan go

OG to shey gogo

No new friends I don’t know that bitch

Say they loyal they become that snitch

(Eni duro)

All for me I’m too selfish

Cost my peace I don’t want that shit

Trying to feed my family

Keep my brother in school

(Eni duro)

Toh ba mo ju Gucci bag ati iPhone lo we can never be cool

Bitches want to look like Rihanna with their fake Fenty

(Eni duro)

Ko si n kan ti wo n mo pa designers but their brain empty

Skru skru ko ro beye na na skru skru

Skru skru werey wa n le na skru skru

Skru skru una dey smell like smoked fish

(Eni duro)

Skru skur

Eni eni e e eni duro

Song Written By:

Akindele Omowunmi Justina