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How To Start Ice Block Making Business In Nigeria (Quick Easy Steps)

They are so many businesses opportunities for any young entrepreneur to make money in Nigeria. 

One of the business that has been making money in Nigeria for quite some time now is Ice block making business. 
This article will give you the information and blueprint on how to start ice block making business in Nigeria. 

How To Start Ice Block Making Business In Nigeria

As simple as it sounds,sellers of ice block in Nigeria are really making money,because of the erratic and unstable light condition in Nigeria,some people has resorted to buying ice blocks in other to cool their goods. 

Also since Nigeria is so hot with much heat the whole year round,people now desire to eat and consume cold drinks,water and creamy foods,and the only way to always have cold drinks and foods is the use ice blocks.

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Because of the rate at which people crave for cold foods and drinks in Nigeria,ice block business became popular and is still thriving,for people in busy Nigerian cities like Port harcourt, Ibadan Etc,this is a business that generates quick cash.

Listed below is what you need before you can start your own ice block and ice cube making business in Nigeria.

How To Start Ice Block Making Business In Nigeria (Quick Easy Steps)


Constant Good clean water should be the most important raw material that you need to have before venturing into ice block production business.

Ice blocks are made naturally by freezing water to a very low temperature below zero degree Centigrade, 0°C).

You will need to find a good source of fresh and clean water for your production business. 

You can get good clean water from bore holes or if there is scarcity of water,ensure that you buy your water from a clean source,you wouldn't want to supply a contaminated ice block to your customers,that would be bad for business.

While making ice blocks,you should know that they are two types of ice blocks which are the anti freeze and the dry ice.

The anti freeze block is moulded with the use of chemicals like ethanol,this makes the ice blocks to mould very quickly than normal frozen ice blocks.

The dry ice block is the normal ice block that is formed naturally without chemicals being added to it,however these type of ice block takes longer time to mould.

Ice Block/ Ice Cube Making Machines

You can start off by using your deep freezer to make ice blocks or you can consider buying an ice block making machine that you can use to produce ice blocks. 

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There are both foreign and locally-made brands of ice block making machines. 


The locally made ice block machines are usually sold in Ibadan and some of its models are quite durable.

The foreign made ice making machines are however faster when it comes to the production of ice blocks.

These ice block making machines are of different types and different ice block production capacity and sizes of compressors (2HP,2.5HP,3HP).

Some machines can produce 40 moulds, 60,100,120, 200, and even up to 1000 moulds of ice block. 
The price range of purchasing one of these machines ranges from N100,000 - N800,000 depending on the model,size and also if its foreign or locally made. 

The most popular or common machine by local manufacturers is the one built to make 25 rectangular blocks and costs about N200,000.


If you want to start the production of ice block in Nigeria,it is necessary that you have a reliable generator that can supply enough power for you to be able to run your ice block machine effectively. 

Ice block business requires constant power supply so its important that you make plans for this before starting off. 

Packaging & Branding

Most ice blocks sold in Nigeria are usually sold in transparent polythene bags,which helps to hold the ice together during movement and transportation.

Also you can consider branding your name and contact address on the polythene in other to attract more customers.

Customer Service

Obviously your not the only one in the business of making ice blocks in your locality,so its advisable that you maintain a good customer relationship with your customers. 
Go ahead and offer some extra added services that your competitors are not offering,also ensure that your ice blocks arrive on time and are of the highest quality.

Here is a quick rundown of the equipment you need before starting your ice block business.
  • Ice block making machine
  • A Generator (Preferably a diesel powered generator)
  • A clean water source and
  • Nylon bags for the ice block
Those are the basic equipments you need,quite easy right?

Market & Supply

The market is really big in populated Nigerian cities and the need for cold ice blocks will always be needed.

Quick Important Facts You Need To Know Before Starting Your Ice Block Business In Nigeria
  • 1. Ice block business thrives in big cities with a lot of population,cities like Lagos, Ibadan, Kano,port Harcourt,Benin,and Kaduna,if you live in any of these cities,you already have an edge. 

  • 2. Ice block business thrives in areas where there is a high amount of commuters and travelers,petty traders use ice blocks to cool soft drinks and pure water.
  • 3. Consider setting up your ice block business in areas saturated with hoteliers,beer sellers,clubs,event planners,governmental organizations or places where there is an event is always taking place,they are high chances that they will need ice blocks to cool their drinks and perishables.
  • 4. An Ice block can come out in any shape. An ice block will take the shape of the container which the water was poured in. When it comes to ice block business,the rectangular shaped ice blocks cost more than the ones made by pouring water into a nylon. People believe that the rectangular shaped ice blocks are made by ice block machines,and hence should cost more.
  • 5. You can buy a locally fabricated ice block machine in Ibadan and Lagos,however a lot of the fabricators of ice block machines reside in Ibadan Nigeria. 
  • 6. Consider selling directly to users i.e petty traders or retailers who come to your plant to buy and re-sell to other users. 
  • 7. You have to be current and know the price of ice blocks in your area,always ask questions.
  • 8. Ice block prices vary with the seasons,during the dry seasons the price of ice block gets high but drops during the rainy season in Nigeria.
  • 9. You don't need to employ the services of laborers, ice block business is a type of business that you and your family can venture into.
  • 10. Ice block business is so profitable if you have a ready line of customers located in a busy area, a 250 blocks machine can gross up to N25,0000 per production. 
If you have any questions about Ice block business in Nigeria,don't hesitate to ask in the comment box.


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