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Embassy Of The Republic Of Guinea In Nigeria Contact Details 

Guinea, or the Republic of Guinea is an independent french speaking nation located in west Africa.

All NYSC State Secretariat In Nigeria: Address,Email,Phone & Full Contact Details 

This post contains information on all the NYSC State Secretariats In Nigeria

Nigeria Embassy In Harare Zimbabwe,Address,Phone,Email & Contact 


This post contains the current contact details of Nigerian embassy in Harare Zimbabwe.

Venezuela Embassy In Nigeria,Address,Email,Phone & Contact 

Venezuela is a country located in northern South America.

Sudan Embassy In Nigeria: Address,Phone,Email & Contact Details 

This post contains information about the Sudanese embassy in Nigeria,it's address,phone,email and full contact details.

Embassy Of Sierra Leone In Nigeria Contact Details 

This post contains the full contact details of the Embassy Of Sierra Leone In Nigeria. 

Nigeria Immigration Service Entry Level Salary Scale Structure

In this post we are quickly going to reveal how much Nigeria Immigration Service pay their new entry level officers.

Interesting Facts About The Third Mainland Bridge

Here are some interesting facts about one of Nigeria's busiest express way called the third mainland bridge.