Saturday, 27 January 2018

MTN SME Data Share Business: How To Start,All You Need To Know

You would have probably come across people on the internet
and social media advertising for customers and promising a high data or mb for a low amount of naira,these people are called data resellers and they make money from reselling data.
To start this business,all you have to do is to advertise your business,meet people,family,colleagues or friends and 
convince them to buy their data from you at a cheaper rate with more data allocation,for example instead of their regular N1k for 1Gb, you will offer them N1k for 3Gb,that way you will get many clients.

Once they pay,you will transfer the data to them and make your cool cash,before I proceed,let me tell you more about MTN SME Data Share.

MTN SME Data Share Business

Q1: What is MTN SME Data Share?

A: MTN SME Data Share is a data sharing prepaid service that allows business owners to buy data bundles and share with their staff. 

Similarly you can subscribe to MTN SME Data Share and start selling data to make money.
Q2: What are some of the quick facts about MTN SME Data Share?

  • You will be in control of whoever your sending data to.
Easily send Data to clients via SMS or USSD codes.
Data can be shared with anyone using MTN.

    Q3: How do I start MTN SME Data Share Business?

    A: To start this business you need to first migrate to the MTN SME Plus tariff plan by texting 460 to 131

    Subscription Plans
    Bundle Price,Data Bundle, Max. No of Shares and Validity Period
    • N5,500 10GB 10 Shares of 1GB 30 Days
    • N11,000 20GB 10 Shares of 2GB 30 Days
    • N25,000 50GB 10 Shares of 5GB 60 Days

    Q4: What are the different codes to subscribe to MTN Data Share Plan?

    10GB - SMS 465 to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt
    20GB - SMS 466 to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt
    50GB - SMS 467 to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt
    75GB - SMS 468 to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt
    Or just dial *461# on your phone and follow the prompt.

    Q5: What are the Codes To Share MTN Data Plan With Others?

    A: Send: SMESHARE to 131
    A response will be sent to you immediately,check out the codes for the different data sizes before you transfer data.
    • 1 > 250MB
    • 2 > 500MB
    • 3 > 750MB
    • 4 > 1GB

    Q6: How Do I Check My Remaining MTN Data Balance?

    A: To check you data balance Send an SMS: Sharebalance to 131

    Also note that your 30 days validity period is the same validity period that will be valid for whoever your selling or sharing the data to. 
    If you have any questions,you can ask in the comment box.


    1. Enter your comment...Pls, how is the validity extended to 3 months because most of those selling dat...their validity is 3 months. thanks

    2. nice one. but i learnt mtn intend to increase the sme just like, 10gb for N6500 has it been implemented? or ist still the same N5500

    3. Pls how is d validity extended to 3 months?

    4. .Pls, how is the validity extended to 3 months because most of those selling dat...their validity is 3 months. thanks

    5. If as at the time a customer is requesting for data ur own purchased plan is almost 1 month + gone, how then does the customer enjoy his own purchase for the two months as described in the validity period.

    6. Hello please how much is 1GB and @ what rate can one sell? How much is ur bundle price?

    7. Please,is it if the seller valid date 10th of July nd I sell data to someone at 5th of July, so the valid of the buyer too will be 10th of July?

    8. Validity period is it 90days or 30days

    9. How do I get and reset PIN?

    10. Pls, how is the validity extended to 3 months because most of those selling dat...their validity is 3 months and which plan of data will one buy

      1. These resellers purchase more data and MTN rolls over the remaining. That's how you can enjoy 3 months (or even 5 months) validity

    11. pls how can i create a pin

    12. The validity period from MTN is 1month (30 days). These resellers purchase more to enjoy data rollover. That's how they can give you 3months (or even 5 months) validity. Whenever their data expires, so does yours