Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Top 15 Highest Paying Companies In Nigeria 2018

It's no longer news that there are not enough jobs for the thousands of graduates being churned out of different Nigerian tertiary institutions. 

It's a herculean task to get a decent paying job in Nigeria. Sadly most of the so - called companies that offer jobs to young Nigerians,mostly to fresh graduates do not pay well,however there are a few companies in Nigeria that pay a reasonable amount of salary to Nigerian graduates.

This article contains a list of the top highest paying companies in Nigeria that can pay you a decent salary.

As expected,most of these high paying companies are multinationals while a few are federal government jobs.

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Let's check out some of the highest paying companies in Nigeria.

The 15 Highest Paying Companies In Nigeria

  • 1. Shell (Oil & Gas)
  • 2. Chevron (Oil & Gas)
  • 3. Mobil (Oil & Gas)
  • 4. NNPC (Oil & Gas)
  • 5. Total (Oil & Gas)
  • 6. MTN (Telecoms)
  • 7. Nestle Nigeria (FCMG)
  • --
  • 8. Nigerian Civil Service (Government)
  • 9. Dangote (FCMG)
  • 10. Nigeria Breweries (FCMG)
  • 11. Coca-Cala ( Coke Soft Drink Company)
  • 12. Guinness Nigeria Plc
  • 13. Access Bank (Banking)
  • 14. First Bank (Banking)
  • 15. Nigerian Civil Service (Government)

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