5 December 2017

Driving Schools In Lagos: The Top 12 


This post contains the list of the top 12 accredited driving schools in Lagos Nigeria. 

For a city that is rated as one of the busiest in the world,its imperative that anyone that owns a car in Lagos should know how to drive and obey all the rules. 

The benefits of attending a driving school's out weighs the risks of not attending one. 
Most half baked drivers end up having an accident that may cost them their lives and money and apart from that they may have their vehicles confiscated by Lastma officials. 

Listed below are some of the best driving schools in the mainland and Lagos Island: 

Driving Schools In Lagos: The Top 12

1. Heritage driving schools

Heritage driving schools is a certified professional training school for drivers. 

The driving school specializes in training private and corporate drivers.You an pay Heritage driving school a visit,their office is located opposite Bar Beach Police Station,Victoria Island Lagos or you can access www.heritagedrivingsschools.webs.com for more details. 

2. Ultimate driving school 

Ultimate driving school is rated as being one of the biggest driving schools in Lagos and Nigeria in general. The driving school has branches located in other major Nigerian cities like   Abuja, Port Harcourt, Asaba,Warri and Lagos. 

Ultimate driving school has certified driving instructors that will help to teach you all you need to know about driving,both practical and theoretical. 

Ultimate Driving School is located at No. 8, Adenekan Salako Close, between Diamond and Keystone Bank,Off Ijaye Road, Ogba-Ikeja, Lagos. 

You can contact Ultimate driving school via their website address which is www.ultimatedrivingschoolsng.com or you send an email to 
enquiries@ultimatedrivingschoolng.com for more details. 

3. Steerite driving school

Steerite driving school is rated as one of the best driving schools in Lagos.Steerite is a registered corporate institution, recognized by the Federal Road Safety Commission(FRSC) and Vehicle Inspection Office(VIO) of Lagos State.
Steerite driving school offers courses like Beginners Driving Course,Advanced Driving Course,Defensive Driving Course,Evasive Driving,4 x 4 Driving and Car hijacking Situation.

For more information access www.steeritedrivingschool.com with an internet enabled device. 

4. AA Rescue Driving School 

One of the most efficient and best driving school in Lagos is the AA Rescue Driving School,the company offers drivers training and outsourcing services with a 24-hour emergency vehicle recovery and fleet management services.

For more information visit www.aarescuenigeria.com or visit their office which is located at 13/15 castle rock avenue,Jekande round about Lekki Lagos. 

5. Suzuki Driving School, Lagos

Just the mention of the name will tell you that this a driving school,however this driving school is not owned by the makers of Suzuki cars,rather Suzuki Driving School is owned by C&I Leasing School.

Suzuki Driving School is rated as one of the best driving school in lagos with highly trained instructors.

Some of their training courses include: defensive driving techniques, aggressive driving management, automobile fire prevention, fleet management training, school bus driving, journey management training and fundamentals of truck driving as well as some other courses. 

The Driving school is located at No. 36A, ACME Road, Ogba Lagos (4th Floor) while the schools E-mail address and website is: drivingschool@c-ileasing.com, www.outsourcing.c-Ileasing.com.

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6. A1 Driving Institute

A1 Driving Institute is another goog driving school located in Lagos. 
The driving institute is is located at Suite C70, Ikota Shopping Complex VGC, Ajah Lagos. You can contact the company with the following numbers 01-2910533,08169233192 or you log on to www.aidrivinginstitute.com for more information.

7. Pathway Driving School

Another certified driving school in Lagos that is licensed by the Federal Road Safety Commission is Pathway Driving School.

The school is located at 12 Road, Gowon Estate, Lagos. Their trainees are offered simulation and practical wheels drivers training.They are rated as one of the best driving schools in Lagos. 

8. Dilim Driving School

Another good driving school in Lagos is Dilim driving school,Dilim Driving School offers practical driving lessons as well as drivers license collection services. 

Dilim Driving School has it's office located at 208, Kirikiri Road, Olodi Apapa, Lagos.

9. Covenant driving school

Rated as one of the best driving schools in Lagos is Covenant driving school. The driving school offers quality driving lessons and motoring education.
Covenant driving school is located at 5th Avenue, Festac Town, Lagos.

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10. Auto Traxx International

Auto Traxx International is one of the most reliable driving schools in Lagos state.

The driving school offers services that are quite impressive, the drivers school is located at 150, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

11. Chrisvin Driving School

Chrisvin Driving School is another decent driving school that is located at Amuwo Odofin,it's a good driving school that will teach you the basics and it's quite affordable. 

12. Access Driving Academy

Access Driving Academy is state certified Professional Driving Academy, dedicated to providing high quality driver education and customer satisfaction,for more information about Access Driving Academy and contact details,log on to www​.accessdrivingacademy.com

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