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How To Get Your Tax Identification Number (TIN) In Nigeria: Questions & Answers 

The Tax Identification Number (TIN Number) also known as TIN
Number is a unique 10 digit number number issued and allocated to individuals and companies in Nigeria. 

TIN Number helps to identify registered tax payers in Nigeria. If you are thinking of starting a business in Nigeria on a large scale,then you will be required to have a TIN Number. 
In this post we will quickly check out the process of obtaining the TIN Number and also answer some questions concerning  The Tax Identification Number (TIN Number).

Tax Identification Number (TIN Number)

Q: How do I obtain my Tax Identification Number (TIN Number)?

In order to obtain your TIN number in Nigeria,you will be required to follow a process laid down by the Joint Tax Board (JTB) in Nigeria.

The Joint Tax Board has an electronic system that will help you to obtaining your TIN number for free.  

You will be identified by the electronic system. TIN number also helps to eradicate the scenario where companies or individuals are erroneously taxed or levied on multiple occasions. 

Q: Outline the Process of obtaining TIN Number?

The procedure for obtaining your TIN Number involves the  completion of an application form, which involves some identification process.

You can obtain the application form from any tax office close to you,after filling the form,it will be verified before your TIN Number will then be issued to you.

You will be required to fill some necessary information in the application form such as:
  • Fill out all the compulsory sections on the form marked by an asterisks (*).
  • Input the eleven digits of your mobile phone number.
  • Characters of your name,including address must not exceed 200 words. 
  • An active email address will be used in the application process.

Q: Requirements for an individual whose business is not registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) seeking TIN number? 
  • A duly completed TIN application form
  • A current and valid identification document such as international passport, National Drivers License, National Identity Card.

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Q: Requirements for an Enterprise, Company or Business registered with the CAC seeking TIN number?
  • A duly completed TIN application form.
  • Business name registration certificate.

Documents showing the following information:
(A)The current address of the business
(B)Principal location of the business
(C)The date of commencement of the business

In summary:
  • Individual taxpayers require a valid means of identification details. 
  • Non-Individual Taxpayers if registered with Corporate Affairs Commission requires a correct CAC number. 
  • Other forms of Non-Individual Taxpayers without CAC registration should enter any other means of identification.
Q: Who is eligible to get TIN Number?

Every taxable entity,from individuals to any corporate body.

Q: Why is it necessary that I register for TIN?

To provide the data required by Nigerian law, to also create a harmonized taxpayer identification platform for Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) automation and Taxpayer Clearance Certificates (TCCs).

Q: Where can I register for TIN Nigeria?

You can register at any tax office as stated earlier or you can register at designated SBIR offices. 

Q: What is the difference between TIN and National Identification Number (NIN)?

The National identity database contains data of all identified Nigerians while TIN focuses on taxable entities in Nigeria. 

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Q: Who initiated TIN Number?

TIN Number is an initiative of Joint Tax Board (JTB),the JTB  has the backing of both the Federal Executive Council and the National Assembly,it was inaugurated in July 2008.

Q: What social services/benefits will be tied to the TIN Number?

Social services regulated by the Federal, State and Local Governments such as the provision of pension, driver’s license, TCC, bank transactions, health care,development of agricultural and natural resources etc will incorporate TIN as a pre-requisite for access to such services in Nigeria. 
  • For individuals applying for their PIN number, biometric capturing will be used to validate uniqueness of the PIN.
  • After a successful registration, the Individual Taxpayer will be given a TIN card and a certificate while Non-Individuals will be given a certificate.
You can also access the official portal of the Joint Tax Board,log on to for more details.

Reference: Joint Tax Board

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