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SAP Nigeria: Training Centers In Nigeria & All You Need To Know 

This post contains all the necessary information about SAP in Nigeria.

SAP is the world's most powerful and most widely used ERP software that was started by a german company and is now used all over the world by big firms. 

SAP Nigeria

SAP is used in nigeria by the biggest firms for managing, sales, customers, supply chain, accounting and so on.

The truth of the matter is that Big Companies in Nigeria are constantly searching for SAP professionals and consultants for employment.

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Not only in Nigeria is the services of SAP professionals and consultants needed, but also in other western countries like Canada Etc in other to benefit and get employed,all you have to do is to learn SAP and get certified.

Listed below are some of the important facts about SAP That you should know. 

SAP In Nigeria Quick Facts

  • 1. SAP is very large and has many modules,literally anyone can enroll and learn SAP. 
  • 2. It doesn't mater what you studied in school,you can still find a suitable module to learn.
  • 3. Programmers,accountants Etc can also enroll and learn modules that are related to their career. 
  • 4. In Nigeria,SAP training can take just up to 10 days,but you might need to practice some more before you can take your SAP exam.
  • 5. Multinational companies in Nigeria invest millions on naira just to implement SAP.
  • 6. There are a couple of SAP accredited firms in Nigeria that you can enroll and take your examination. 
  • 7. Make sure that you chose and register for your SAP examination with an accredited center or firm that has good training facilities, environment and connections with multinational firms for employment. 
  • 8. The latest version of SAP ERP is the SAP ERP 6.0,while the the most recent Enhancement Package is the EHP8 for SAP ERP 6.0,this was released in 2016.
  • 9. Business Processes included in SAP are Operations (Sales & Distribution, Materials Management, Production Planning, Logistics Execution, and Quality Management), Financials (Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Supply Chain Management), Human Capital Management (Training, Payroll, e-Recruiting) and Corporate Services (Travel Management, Environment, Health and Safety, and Real-Estate Management).

SAP Fees In Nigeria 

Registration fees of SAP in Nigeria range from NGN 100,000 - N142,7700. Depending on the package you want to enroll for,some packages can cost up to N750,000 while some can cost as low as N85,000,all you have to do is to contact some of the accredited SAP firms in Nigeria for more information. 
Also know that before you can qualify for SAP you must be a Graduate with a HND, B.Eng, B.Sc, or must have completed any Masters Degree program.

Some of the accredited SAP firms in Nigeria and their contact details are listed below: 

SAP Nigeria Limited
Mansard Place, 2nd Floor B Wing 
Plot 927/928, Bishop Aboyade Cole Street 
Victoria Island 
Lagos, Nigeria 
Phone: +23412776400
Web: Africa

Uranium Technologies

SAP Africa (Pty) Ltd-Nigeria


Remoik Training & Consulting
0818 717 2025

YEP Nigeria

Regus, 4th Floor, Building II, River House  
Plot 83, Ralph Shodeinde Street, CBD
Abuja, Nigeria
Phone: +23492780000 - 2
Web: Africa

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