DStv Nigeria; Prices,Bouquets And Channel List


DSTV is one of the first nationwide Satellite cable TV service from Multi choice to penetrate the Nigerian market and also many African countries.

Dstv has stepped up their TV services by upgrading their packages with the inclusion of modern Tv broadcasting and cut edge technology like the introduction of HD channels, HD PVR decoders, and a mobile TV service.
Multi choice has added the DSTV Compact Plus package targeted at Nigerian die hard sports lovers.

DsTV Nigeria Prices Channels And Bouquets

List Of All DSTV Packages, Bouquets, Products And Price List

DSTV currently offer six bouquets in Nigeria namely;

  • DSTV Mobile (with compatible mobile devices) DSTV Mobile Devices
  • DSTV Access
  • DSTV Family
  • DSTV Compact
  • DSTV Compact Plus
  • DSTV Premium

DSTV Access Features

  • Cheapest Dstv Bouquet
  • Least number of offered channels available
  • Costs N1,800 per month

DSTV Access bouquet offers over 45 channels mostly local and international TV channels, like;
  • AIT
  • SilverBird
  • Channels
  • NTA I
  • SuperSport BLITZ
  • Magic World
  • Al jezeera
  • Mindset Learn
  • E Entertainment
  • Africa Magic (World, Hausa & Yoruba only)
  • DSTV Access installation cost: N15,900

DSTV Family Features 
  • DSTV Family costs N3,600 monthly
  • Most popular bouquet .                                                                                                                  
DSTV Family channels offered include;

  • CNN
  • Euro News
  • Channel O
  • ESPN Classic
  • Mnet Series
  • Inspiration
  • Africa Magic
  • MTV Base
  • Cartoon Network
  • Etc 
With up to 55 digital TV channels plus audio channels
  •  Audio channels available include BBC (3 channels)
  • Voice of America (VOA)
  • RAI radio
  • Ray power FM
  • Star FM etc

Installation price for Dstv Family package costs is about N17,900.

Includes dish and HD decoder.

  • Note that HD channels are not available on DSTV Family.


Visit the Dstv mobile website for list of compatible devices

DSTV Premium Features 

  • Highest number of channel option
  • Most expensive Bouquet
  • DSTV Premium costs N13,980 Naira per month:
  • Offers all the exciting high end DSTV SD/HD video and audio channels.
  • Over 85 exciting TV channels.

Channels exclusive to Premium package include;
  • Mnet West
  • MNET Edge
  • Discovery channel
  • SuperSport 3
  • History Channel
  • Boomerang
  • Discovery
  • All HD channels.

watch live 100% matches of the English Premier league and other world leagues in high definition if you own a HD PVR decoder or Explora Decoder.

HD Channels available include

  • SuperSport HD 1
  • SuperSport HD 2
  • SuperSport HD 3
  • MMET Movies 1 HD
  • iConcert HD
  • Discovery HD Showcase.

 DSTV Compact Plus Features 

Compact Plus channels included
More sports channels for sports lovers ie SuperSport 7 and SuperSport 10.
costs N9,420 per month.

Watch live EPL matches as well as other live sports like the French League, Bundesliga, PSL, Spanish La Liga as well as rugby, golf, tennis, athletics, boxing and motor sport.
HD Channels are not included in this Bouquet.

DSTV Compact Features

DSTV Compact costs N6,000 Naira per month:

DSTV Compact offers you all Family channels and more. Channels Added to the Compact package include 

  • BBC World
  • RAI international
  • Sony Entertainment
  • MNET Action
  • Africa Magic Plus
  • ESPN Sports
  • SuperSport 10 etc

over 60 channels plus 24 available DSTV Audio services.

DSTV Special Bouquets Features

Specifically for non-English speaking audience. This may include:
  • Indian Bouquets
  • French Bouquets
  • German Bouquets

General DSTV Decorder + Dish Cost, Plus Installation Price

You can buy a DSTV decorder,dish and a monthly package.
That will cost you around N15,000 to N75,900.

It will include the satellite dish, decoder, cables, and installation cost.

You might also receive one or two months free subscription.
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