50 Things To Do By Yourself To Be Happy

There are some things you need to to do by yourself,there are certain things that make life easier that you have long neglected
,but you will start to feel better when you start to do this 50 things by yourself.
It might seem as if it doesn't make any impact,but the simplest things in life make the most difference and don't forget,your responsible for your own happiness.

 50 Things To Do By Yourself 
  • 1. Declutter your home 
  • 2. Cook something that you have never made before 
  • 3. Spend a day at the museum or Art Gallery 
  • 4. Start a herb garden 
  • 5. Meditate, sit,be still 
  • 6. Make a list of all your offenders,forgive and let go 
  • 7. Make a list of how you feel 
  • 8. Read your favorite chapter from the book you love 
  • 9. Go to a farmer's market 
  • 10. Go for a walk in nature 
  • 11. Make popcorn and have a movie night 
  • 12. Listen to an album from start to finish without doing anything else 
  • 13. Go out for a long sunday brunch 
  • 14. See a film at the cinema 

  • 15. Do grocery at your favorite organic grocery shop. 
  • 16. Create a mixtape or playlist 
  • 17. Ride your bike 
  • 18. Rearrange your wardrobe 
  • 19. Visit the florist and pick out a bunch of flowers 
  • 20. Make an alter for your crystals,meditation bowl and candles  
  • 21. Donate your old books and clothes to charity 
  • 22. Create a calming space in your home 
  • 23. Paint, Draw, Sketch, Write 
  • 24. Make a terrarium 
  • 25. Go somewhere in the city 
  • 26. Go to a gig and dance like crazy 
  • 27. Read up on your horoscope 
  • 28. Send a handwritten letter to a friend 
  • 29. Create a vision board and bring your next adventure to life 
  • 30. Make an acai bowl, topped with fruit, yoghurt and superfoods.
  • 31. Light a candle,take a relaxing bath
  • 32. Journal and declare your dreams 
  • 33. Do a face mask 
  • 34. Roll out your mat and do Yoga to rejuvenate 
  • 35. Think of 50 questions and do some research 
  • 36. Do a juice cleanse for the day 
  • 37. Rearrange things in your room using FENG SHUI 
  • 38. Give an old chest of drawers some fresh paint 
  • 39. Give yourself a mini retreat weekend 40. Sip a cup of tea and look out the window 
  • 41. Go to the park with some sandwiches, a picnic basket and a good book 
  • 42. Catch up on all your favorite blog posts 
  • 43. Travel or do a day trip 
  • 44. Give yourself a manicure
  • 45. Sleep, Doze or powernap as much as you need to
  • 45. Wake up early to see the sunrise
  • 46. Go for a jog or take a walk by the beach 
  • 47. Sign up for a course 
  • 48. Take a photo to depict each hour in your day 
  • 49. Make a gratitude list
  • 50. Say a quiet prayer 

Source : Pinterest


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