How To Find Nigeria's Zip Code: Questions And Answers FAQs

What is Nigeria’s ZIP code?

So many people will call me and ask me if I know Nigeria's Zip code,What is Nigeria’s Zip Code?,How To Find Nigeria's Zipcode?

If you’ve been confused for some time about what a Zip code is and what is the exact Nigeria ZIP code is, then you should continue reading.

Q1. What is a ZIP Code?

A: A Zip Code Is the short term for what is also known as Zone Improvement Plan.

Q2. What is Nigeria’s ZIP code?

A: Zip Code is mainly applicable and valid in the United States of america.

Q3. What is then the purpose of having a ZIP code?

A: In other countries they don't use Zip codes,however a zip code is called Postage code in other countries. 
A Zip code is the American version or name for a postal code.
It serves the same purposes which is for mailing purposes.
Hence ZIP codes are to the US while postal codes are to other countries,Nigeria inclusive.

Q4. What is USPS?

A: It is a short term for United States Postal Service,also note that the USPS has specific codes for different countries outside America.

Q5. What is the USPS Code for Nigeria?

A: The code for Nigeria is 00176-0000

Q6. How do I fill forms requesting for ZIP code?

A: Try to put this codes 110001, 23401 or 00176

Most times Nigerians enter 234 or +234 as the ZIP code for Nigeria,whereas This is Nigeria’s international phone dialling code. 
Whenever the need occurs to type in a Zip code,when your in Nigeria just simply type 110001, 23401, or 00176.