Top 20 Facts About Young Nollywood Sensation Regina Daniels


You would have probably seen some of her pictures on social media,
what actually raised my curiosity was the fact that I haven't actually watched any of her movies lol,pardon me for that,but the way she was receiving affection and accolades from her young teeming fans made me to become curious.
I had to research and find out Top 20 facts about this pretty young teenager named Regina Daniels that has won the hearts of both the young and old Nigerian movie lovers.

  • Age 
  • Greatest Influence 
  • First time on set
  • First Pay Check
  • Why choose to become an Actresses?
  • Juggling her acting career and studies
  • How much does Regina Daniel earns per movie?
  • Ambitions
  • Price of fame
  • Movie features
  • On becoming a producer
  • Regina Daniels teeming male fans
  • Regina Daniels fashion style and swag
  • Family And Siblings 
  • On Relationship status

  • --
  • Most Cherished Item in the world
  • Most embarrassing moment 
  • Giving back to the community 
  • Real life persona and movie roles
  • Challenges in Nollywood 

For some reason,she reminds me of Kylie Jenner lol,check out some facts about this most sought after 16 year old Nigerian actress.

Top Ten Facts About Regina Daniels

1. Age

She is just 21 years old.

2. Greatest influence 

She disclosed that her greatest influence on her life is her mother Rita Daniels,who is also an actress and Chairman of Delta State Actors Guild of Nigeria 

3. First time on set

Regina Daniels was 7 years old when she was given her first shot at stardom.

4. First pay check

When she started of,she way paid between N4,000 and N10,000 for her roles in movies.

5. Why choose to become an actresses?

According to the young teenager,it was something she was passionate about,and she 
enjoyed watching Nigerian plus also the fact that she is very emotional,all that transcends to being a good actress.

6.Juggling her acting career and studies

According to Regina,she tries to study ahead of other students in her school and brings her books to movie shooting locations so that she can study,moreover she has been given a separate arrangement and study schedule by her school proprietress.
She attended Hollywood International school in Asaba,currently she is an undergraduate student at Igbenedion University Okada.

7. How much does Regina Daniel earn per movie?

Starting of,her biggest paycheck was N10,000,according to this youngster she now earns N500,000, half of a million naira for a movie.

8. Ambitions

Regina disclosed that she wants the world to know her,she wants to become a mega superstar,and at the pace she is going,she doesn't seem to be slowing down.

9.Price of fame

Regina Daniels disclosed that sometimes she wished she wasn't so famous,disclosing that at times when she is out with her family she is always accosted by her teeming fans who 
would want to take pictures with her,thereby ruining private family moments.

10. Movie features

The youngster has disclosed that she had featured in over 100 movies even before she turned 15,some of the movies she has starred in are listed below:

  • Dumebi in School 
  • Python Girl 
  • The Bat-Man 
  • The Jericho 
  • Plantain Girl 
  • Jaja The Great 

  • Tears of ojiugo 
  • Wipe your sorrows 
  • Royal covenant 
  • Traditional War (Part 1) 
  • The Jericho (as producer) 
  • Twins Apart (as producer)

11. On becoming a Producer

She has already ventured into the lane of movie production at such a tender age,a feat that most seasoned nollywood actors and actresses has not yet accomplished.
She has produced two movies titled The Jericho and Twins Apart.

12. Regina Daniels teeming male fans

That is actually inevitable,it comes with being a movie star,when she was asked how she 
handles thousands of male fans that adore her,she disclosed that its simple,she lets her mother handle the situation in a calm and respectful manner.

13. Regina Daniels fashion style and swag

The teenager described her fashion style as being 'simple but yet sophisticated'

14. Family and siblings

Regina has five siblings and she rides high on her family’s support,they support whatever she is doing.

15. On relationship status

Regina Daniels is married to a business man named Ned Nwoko.

16. Most cherished item in the world

Her response was swift and precise, 'that would be my mother'.

17. Most embarrassing moment 

Regina Daniels recalled when she was walking on the street and little children ran after her 
calling her 'Ekwensu' which means 'Devil' in the Igbo language,at first she was shocked,but later she remembered that she once played a role in which she was called 'Ekwensu',that was preety an embarrassing moment she recalled.

18. Giving back to the community

Regina Daniels founded the Regina Daniels Charity Foundation,a non-governmental organisation that is focused on disabled and orphaned children,her organization cares and provides for them.

19. Real life persona and movie roles

Regina disclosed that she is totally different from the roles she plays,every good actress 
should be able to play the character of the role she has been given,that doesn't necessarily mean that is how she is in real life,'' I'm a simple and easy going girl '' she said.

20. Challenges in Nollywood

According to her,its not always easy being a newbie and starting off,Nollywood is an industry that is full of envy and they will try to dissuade and discourage you in the beginning she said,unless you are determined not to quit, according to the teenager,she has remained focused and steadfast.

When asked what her dislikes are she said 'craftiness and proud look'.

Regina is currently married to business man Ned Nwoko.


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