15 Hot Business Opportunities In Nigeria

With the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria every young
person should be looking for a feasible business opportunity to invest in,even if you already have a good and high paying job it is mandatory that you have like two or three other ways to generate income in Nigeria.
The good thing about these business opportunities that am going to tell you today is that it is not capital intensive and it has a high success rate if done properly,so stop dulling and start making money moves.

15 Hot Business Opportunities In Nigeria

1. Snail Farming

Most people do not know that snail farming is a multi million naira business in Nigeria,well now you know,and the good thing about it is that you don't need alot of capital to set up a snail farm or to buy equipment.

Snail farming also has a vast market and it not yet saturated,meaning that competition is still low and demand is high.

2. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is one of the most popular and lucrative business in Nigeria,so many people have ventured into this business and made a lot of money from it,even though a lot of Nigerians are already into poultry farming,still the demand for chicken meat and turkey meat is still on the increase,it is definitely a certified way to make money in Nigeria.
Apart from selling the live chickens,you can also prepare and sell the frozen poultry meat,you can also sell the eggs or even buy and sell day old chicks to other poultry farmers and make extra money,you don't need to rent a shop to start a poultry farm,you can start by using the backyard of your house or apartment.

3. Mobile Food Vendor

Most Nigerians overlook this business opportunity because they think that it does generate a lot of income but in reality the reverse is the case.

Everyday people must eat so its left for you to be around the corner to refill their bellies.The only requirement or qualification however is that you must know how to cook.

4. Snacks Production

Another good business opportunity in Nigeria is snack making with soft drinks,you can sell anything ranging from snacks like plantain chips, Coconut Chips,Puff Puff, Potato chips,Chin-Chin Etc.
Nigerians love these and would always come around to buy,you will be amazed at how much profit you will be making,however you need to choose a busy location for example you can rent a stall by the road side in other to attract more customers and make more money.

5. Mobile Juice / Ice Cream Bar

If you want to create something unique and not the regular then you should consider opening a juice bar,you can serve chilled fruit juice to your customers and make money out of it,you can also combine it with an ice cream section.

Nigeria is always hot and sunny and you will definitely be patronized,however don't forget to choose a good location.

6. Scrap Metal Business

I guess you must have seen raggedy looking men in your area furiously looking for old metals to buy or carting away your disposed metal without your knowledge.

Well for your information scrap metal business is a very lucrative business and a lot of Nigerians has made millions out of it.
A lot of Nigerians shy away from this business because a lot more of them find it unattractive while some people are busy making millions out of it.

What you don't know is that manufacturers need this metals for production and will pay heavily for that,if you cannot go around looking for scrap metal then you can find people to do it for you,then after you resell and make your money.

6. Furniture Production

Actually most homes don't use or import original italian leathers,they normally use the locally made and affordable ones that will usually need replacement within one or two years.

Local furniture production is another hot business opportunity in Nigeria because people are always looking for new furniture to buy.

7. Livestock Feed Production

Don't forget that a lot of Nigerians are now into different kinds of farming and livestock farming,you can start the production of livestock feed or even the production of synthetic manure.

8. Online Teaching

You can offer online teachings and training to people online,you can make money through freelancing or writing short courses for your clients,in fact you can make money online 
basically through anything your good at,the good thing here is that you will have access to millions of potential clients online.

9. Beauty Business

Log on to Instagram,Facebook or any other social media network and see for your self,everyone is trying so hard to look good,and you have to cash in on this business opportunity immediately.

10. Okirika Business (Second Hand Clothes)

Nigerians still prepare to buy used quality clothes instead of the so called original clothe that will fade quickly.

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This is another hot business in Nigeria and also it generates income quickly,you don't even need to stress yourself a lot.

11. Mini importation

You can start a mini-importation business and start making money from importing different 
items like laptops, phones, computer and electronic gadgets,phone accessories, clothes, shoes, jewelries etc,you can buy and re-sell any hot selling product in Nigeria. 

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12. E-commerce

You can also buy and sell products online.

13. Car Wash

One of the most lucrative business in Nigeria,all you have to do is to choose a strategic location and start making money.

14. Construction And Building Materials

Buying and selling of building materials has enriched a lot of people,it is a very lucrative business in Nigeria.

15. Rice Farming

Nigerians are heavy consumers of rice and its production and importation is never enough for Nigerians.
Also local Nigeria rice is also in high demand because of its low carbohydrates content,Nigerians that want to lose weight also patronize our local rice.
Investing or starting a rice farm is another lucrative business venture in Nigeria.