15 Nigerian Foods And Fruits For Weight Loss And Flat Tummy 

Believe it or not,one of the hardest thing to do is to lose a
substantial amount of weight within a small amount of time,because personally I have tried to loose weight and it wasn't easy at all.

The main challenge faced with weight loss is for you to spot out the type of Nigerian food that contain a low amount of calories and stick to that diet.

This post contains a list of Nigerian fruits and diet recipes that will help you lose weight within a short period of time and also help you to get a trim flat tummy.
The main challenge actually is not identifying these fruits and foods,the main challenge is for you to stick to a healthy eating diet and also to avoid sweet junk foods which most times we find irresistible.

If you can cut down the level of junk food that is consumed,you will notice that you will start losing weight even without engaging in strenuous exercise routines.

Also take notice of how your body process these fruits and dishes,some people burn calories and lose weight faster,while others end up adding more weight,so its advised that you spot out the dishes and fruits that help you to shed weight effectively and stick to it.


1.Green Plantain

Majority of us enjoy and prefer fried plantains,but it's not healthy,if you are serious about weight loss,then you should switch it up and prepare a healthy boiled plantain. According to weight loss experts using Green Plantain to prepare dishes will make you lose weight or also keep your weight in check. 

2. Avocados

One of my favorite tasty fruits and also one of the highly nutritious, you can literally feed on Avocado the whole day to keep your weight in check.

3. Lemons

Lemons have detoxifying properties that help to aid weight loss,it also helps to make your skin look fresh,also a good facial spot remover.

4. Wheat

Although some people say that consuming wheat didn't aid in their weight loss,however a high percentage of people has 
confirmed that consumption of wheat helps in controlling their weight by making them fuller enabling weight loss.

5. Vegetable soups

Vegetables are good for you,apart from being a great booster of the immune system, it will also help you to shed that stubborn weight.
Consider preparing nigerian native soups like ugwu soup,spinach soup,ewedu, oha soup,edikaikong or afang soup and eat with wheat,this combination has helped a lot of Nigerians lose weight especially those that don't really like taking fruits.

6. Beans

Eating a small quantity of Beans daily can  take you through out the whole day and help you to stay fuller,hence helping you not to eat too much,beans is also a good source of protein and it is low in Carbohydrates.

7. Garlic

One of the most potent anti bacterial,anti fungal and anti viral agent known in nature.
Garlic is a very strong anti-oxidant and will help to purge your intestine and body.
Just cut a few cloves of Garlic and chew or swallow the chopped cloves or you can also integrate it into your meal.

Apart from helping you to lose weight it can help you get a flat tummy and also assists the body to fight infections.
If you don't mind its offensive odor,then go ahead and give it a try,cooking garlic however lowers its potency,its better to consume it raw.

8. Ofada Rice 

Almost all the Nigerian dishes are based in carbohydrates,foods like yam,bread,potatoes etc you should consider staying away from dishes rich in carbohydrates or try to cut down the consumption of carbohydrate intake in other to lose weight.

Ofada rice has a low percentage of carbohydrate and also contains a substantial amount of protein,therefore it's good for people trying to lose weight.

9. Peanuts

Although most Nigerians don't really like eating peanuts,it can help you to lose weight.
Choosing to snack on peanuts like cashew nuts instead of ice cream can help you to lose that stubborn weight.

10. Watermelon

If you have have a very big fat belly,a trophy that you carry around as a reward for several years of beer consumption and you have decided to lose the belly fat,then Watermelon should be in your top list.

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It contains  a few calories and has a record of burning belly fat.

11. Abacha

Abacha is one of the Nigerian foods with low calories and its easily digestible,you should consider eating Abacha regularly,it also a good nigerian diet for a flat stomach. 
Other popular Nigerian food/dishes that contain low calories that is essential for weight loss and flat tummy include:
13.Roasted maize or boiled maize