How To Transfer,Port Your Line From One Nigerian Network To Another -MTN,Airtel,Etisalat, Glo Porting Codes,FAQs,Questions And Answers


I know your question is how do I change my line from one network to another in Nigeria?
I mean with the frequent competition between MTN,Airtel,Etisalat and Glo,with each network trying to be the best,its however most likely that you would like to swap and change your current GSM Nigerian network provider to another GSM network that can provide better affordable services like freebies,free browsing,low data plans,free calls Etc and at the same time retain your mobile number.
You still want to be able to be contacted by your family and friends,you don't want to buy a fresh mobile line.

First of all,let me answer some of the questions that you are most likely going to ask.

This post contains information on how to easily transfer/port your mobile line from one network to the other with what is called MNP (MOBILE NUMBER PORTABILITY).

How To Transfer Your Line From One Nigerian Network To Another -MTN,Airtel,Etisalat,Glo,Transfer Codes.


A: MNP is a service that gives you the ability to retain your mobile number when changing from one Nigerian mobile service provider to another.

Q: Can my network provider Glo,Airtel,MTN,Etisalat provide this service?

A: Yes,each of this Nigerian network provider ie Glo,Airtel,MTN,Etisalat can provide this service.
Q: Can I transfer/ Port my Starcomms or Visaphone line?

A: Before you subscribe to any mobile network provider,find out if it is a CDMA or GSM network,you cannot port or transfer your Starcomms/ Visaphone Etc become it runs on a CDMA network while Glo,Airtel,MTN,Etisalat run on GSM.

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For now you can only transfer your line on GSM Networks.

Q: I want to Port - transfer my line to another network provider,how much will this cost?

A: Porting your line is free,but you will be required to pay for some charges by your new network provider example you might be asked to pay for sim card.

Q: Where do I go to transfer or port my Gsm mobile number?

A: If you want to port your number to another network all you need to do is work into any nearby branch of the network provider that you want to port to ie any branch of Airtel,MTN,Glo or Etisalat and inform them of your plans to port to their network,immediately you will start the porting process.

Q: What is the requirements,what is needed before I can port or transfer my line?

A: The requirements are almost the same for all networks ie Glo,Etisalat,MTN and Airtel,before you walk into any of their service center make sure you go along with some of the following documents or details about you that you will be asked to provide.
When I walk into any of the branches of the new network provider you want to switch to,you will be asked to fill a Subscriber Porting Request Form,or an equivalent of that. In this form you are expected to provide some of your personal details.
Some of the details include:

  • The name of your existing network
  • Your first and last names
  • Your gender
  • Mobile number to be ported
  • Your date of birth
  • A form of national identification ie national ID, valid driver’s license, international passport or voter’s registration card.

Q: How do I transfer,port my line from one Network To Another,MTN,Airtel,Etisalat,Glo?

A: As explained above,after submitting your personal details to the new network provider that you want to subscribe with,follow the steps below:
  • The customer service agent or the person attending to you will send a ''porting request message'' to the ''MNP Central Reference Database (CRDB)'' informing them of your request to port.
  • You will probably be issued a new sim card which you will pay for (most likely)
  • Then you will be asked to send the word ''PORT” to the short code ''3232'' from your line that you want to port from.
  • After the porting request is sent,after some hours,between 24-48hrs you will receive a response sms from the system informing you that the porting request is being processed.
  • The Sms should look like this:
  • We are processing your request (New Network Provider) will send you a confirmation once completed. Thank you!''
  • After some hours you will receive another SMS instructing you to replace your old sim,with the new sim you were issued.
Easy as pie! You will then start using your GSM number on the new GSM network provider of your choice.

Q: In general how long does it take to port my number to either MTN,Glo,Airtel or Etisalat network?

A: In general it takes a maximum of 48 hours,in most occasions it take a couple of hours.

Q: Where do I go to port my number?

A: As Explained above,just walk into any branch of your new preferred network provider and begin the porting process.

Q: Is there a specific type of mobile device needed for the porting process?

A: No,you can use all types of handset to port.
Q: After porting to my new network provider,what happens to the old sim card?

A: The old sim card becomes useless,feel free to dispose it.

Q: After porting, will I still be using the services of my old network provider? 

A: No, you have to become familiar with the services and service codes of your new network provider,you can no longer use the services of your old network provider. 

Q: What about my contacts in my old sim card,will I lose it when I port to another network? 

A: Yes its a possibility,its highly recommended that you back up your contacts before initiating the transaction.

Q: What should I do before I transfer or port my number?

  • Exhaust all the credit in your number.
  • Back up all contacts saved on your current service providers SIM card.
  • Settle any borrowed credit or any outstanding bills with your current operator. 

Q: I do not have any valid ID national ID, valid driver’s license, international passport or voter’s registration card,can I still port or transfer my mobile number?

A: Yes its possible, if your new network provider has a web cam,they can take a picture of you using their web cam.

Q:How often should I port my number?

A: Once ported, you must stay on your new network for at least 90 days that's a time period of about two months before you can port back to your old network or switch to another network.

Q: I just initiated a porting request,can I cancel the request?

A: No, you cannot cancel your port request after sending an SMS to 3232

Q: Help,i tried to port my mobile number, but it was blocked or disallowed,what should I do,what is the cause?

A:It is possible to be disallowed when you want to port your line,there are reasons for this,you should check and rectify this reasons below,before trying again.

Some of the reasons you couldn't port,might be because of one of the following reasons:

  • You have ported your cell phone number within the last 90 days.
  • Your number is not registered.
  • --
  • Your number has been reported stolen.
  • You have been disconnected (your line is inactive).
  • Your mobile number is invalid within the Nigerian numbering plan.
  • Your proof of identity is invalid.
  • Your number is invalid 
  • Your number is reported for fraud or other illegal reasons.
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Q:Someone ported my number without my consent, what should I do?

A: Rush to your service provider and make a complaint, there is what is called an Emergency Repatriation,it will be issued by your service provider and your number will be reversed.

There you have it,these is all the information you will need to successfully port your line to any other network provider in Nigeria.
If you have any questions or comments,drop it below,and I will respond immediately.


  1. Thanks a lot for the information,is Nigeria on the 5 g network?

  2. Will people still be able to contact me via my old network after porting to a new network? Will whassap work with the old or new network?


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