Ini Edo : Biography,Marriage,Wedding,Movie List And Latest News


No doubt she is one of Nollywood's most talented and beautiful actress.
36 year old Ini Edo is from Akwa Ibom. Her break through
movie was th*ck madam which she starred in year 2003.

Ini Edo showed her talent for acting from when she was a child,she always took part in the church drama group,and always acting whenever she can.

Ini Edo : Biography & Facts 

Ini Edo had her secondary school education at Cornelius Connely College in Calabar before gained admission to study theatre acts at the University of Uyo where she bagged a diploma in theatre Arts.

She also went ahead to complete her bachelor's degree program at the University of Calabar where she studied English Language,In 2014 she got a scholarship to study law at National Open University of Nigeria.
Like most nigerian parents,Ini Edo’s parents didn't want her to become an actress,they wanted her to get her degree first,but she was determined to pursue her dreams,at age 19 she decided to take a leap of faith.

Luck eventually favored Ini Edo when a movie producer saw her talent and took the young Ini under his custody,although it wasn't easy juggling both acting and schooling at the same time. 

In November 2008,Ini Edo married a Texas based businessman named Philip Ehiagwina, an occasion that was much publicized by the Nigerian media.

Her wedding took place both in Nigeria and Texas. Ini Edo’s husband Mr Ehiagwina had already been married before to a Nigerian-American model and actress named Ruth Okoro.

Her marriage to Phillip Ehiagwina ended in year 2014,currently Ini Edo revealed that she is pregnant and expecting a child soon.

Ini Edo is an Ibibio and she had quite a humble beginning,Her mother was a teacher and her father, a church elder,she is the second of four children, three girls, one boy.

In year 2000. Ini Edo impressed a producer at a movie audition,she eventually got the role and featured in her first movie in 2000,ever since then she became a household name and has become one of the most sought after actress in Nollywood.

Ini Edo also has a passion for philanthropy,the United Nations appointed her as the United Nations Habitat Youth Envoy,she has also bagged some other endorsement deals in nigeria like being the GLO brand ambassador 10 years from 2006 to 2016, brand ambassador of noble hair and SlimTea Nigeria.

In 2016,Ini Edo was appointed as The Special Assistant To The Akwa Ibom State Governor on Culture And Tourism by Gov Udom Gabriel Emmanuel,a political appointment she is currently till date.

Her debut movie was in 2003,a movie titled Th*ck Madam,she has featured in over 100 films,some of the movies she has featured in include:

  • Thick Madam
  • World Apart
  • Ulinma
  • Eye of the Gods
  • Beautiful Faces
  • Ultimate Crisis
  • The Begotten
  • Only Love
  • Last Game
  • Desperate Billionaire
  • Lonely Hearts
  • Girls Cot
  • Secret Fantasy
  • Married to the Enemy
  • Games Men Play
  • Sleek Ladies
  • Most Wanted Bachelor
  • Love Games
  • Reloaded 
  • Live To Remember
  • Caro The Iron Bender
  • Royal Gift'
  • --
  • Blind Kingdom'
  • Native Son
  • Ghetto Queen
  • Power of Beauty
  • Political Control
  • On Fire
  • Breath Again
  • Fatal Seduction
  • The Greatest Sacrifice
  • My Heart Your Home
  • No Where to Run
  • Stolen Tomorrow
  • Sacrifice for Love
  • Silence of the Gods
  • Supremacy
  • Too Late to Claim
  • Total Control
  • Traumatised
  • War Game
  • 11:45... Too Late
  • The Bank Manager
  • The Bet
  • Cold War
  • Crying Angel
  • Desperate Need
  • Emotional Blackmail
  • I Want My Money
  • Last Picnic
  • Living in Tears
  • Living Without You
  • Men Do Cry
  • --
  • My Precious Son
  • One God One Nation
  • Pretty Angels
  • Red Light
  • Royal Package
  • Security Risk
  • Songs of Sorrow
  • Stronghold
  • Tears for Nancy
  • Unforeseen
  • Eyes of Love
  • Faces of Beauty
  • Indecent Girl
  • Indulgence
  • I Swear
  • Legacy
  • Love Crime
  • Love & Marriage
  • Negative Influence
  • Not Yours!
  • The One I Trust
  • Sisters On Fire
  • Royalty Apart
  • Never Let Go
  • End of Do or Die Affair
  • Darkness of Sorrows
  • Final Sorrow
  • Behind The Melody
  • Memories of The Heart
  • Royal Gift
  • Dangerous

  • --
  • Save The Last Dance
  • Battle For Bride
  • Caged Lovers
  • In The Cupboard
  • Hunted Love
  • Anointed Queen
  • A Dance For The Prince
  • Bride's War
  • Tears In The Palace
  • Slip of Fate
  • At All Cost
  • Mad S*x
  • The Princess of My Life
  • Inale
  • I'll Take My Chances 
  • Nkasi The Village Fighter
  • Nkasi The Sprot Girl
  • The Return of Nkasi
  • Soul of a Maiden