List Of Courier Companies In Nigeria

So many years ago before the internet and the boom of  e-commerce many people found it difficult to send packages and items
every one depended on NIPOST back then,but issues of goods lost in transit and theft Etc made a lot of Nigerians to start looking for an alternative means to send parcels and goods,but that has changed tremendously as they are now many companies that offer courier services in Nigeria.
This post contains the list of courier companies in Nigeria,their contacts and their websites.

Yes we are very familiar with international brands like UPS, FedEx, DHL,these companies have  offices in almost every country in the world,but we also know that they are also very expensive for the average Nigerian,but very reliable when you want to send an expensive item overseas.

Nigerians however has found a comfortable way to send parcels across Nigeria at an affordable rate,popular transport companies like Abc Transport and Peace mass transit and other transport companies offer courier services,many Nigerians patronize these companies especially when they want to send items within Nigeria.

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NIPOST on the other hand decided to re brand in other to meet up with the current demands and came up with EMS SpeedPost which offer better services compared to NIPOST.

There are also many other courier companies in Nigeria, I decided to make a list of courier companies in Nigeria plus their websites.

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You can checkout their websites and see the prices they offer before you can choose the ones you can patronize. 

List Of Courier Companies In Nigeria 

  • FedEx                                
  • DHL                                   
  • UPS                                   
  • Peace Courier Services               www​
  • Abc express courier           
  • Push                                   
  • MSF Delivery                                       
  • Gbelo                                  
  • Mr Shopper                                            
  • ACE Logistics                                       

  • --
  • Courier Plus                                          
  • City Run                                                    
  • Max                                    
  • Nation delivery                   
  • Qick Delivery
  • Errandboy                                              
  • Tranex                                                    
  • Tranzit                                
  • Drop Buddies                                      
  • Zippy                                  
  • KOS Delivery                     
  • EMS                                   
  • Red Star Express               
  • Ekesons Parcel Services           
  • ErrandEx                            
  • Delivery Bros                      
  • Intelex Express