Metro Digital TV: Bouquets,Current Decoder Price,Channel List,Customer Care,Subscription F.A.Q 


Metro digital TV is  a multi-channel terrestrial digital satellite service provider in Nigeria,it provides over 60 channels to its subscribers.

Metro cable comes with entertaining contents like Football,EPL, La Liga Movies and Music and Fashion channels at a very low and affordable price. 
This post contains information about Metro Digital TV,its bouquets, decoder price,channel list,customer care,subscription and frequently asked questions F.A.Q.

Metro Digital TV: Bouquets,Current Decoder Price,Channel List

Q1: List the channels that Metro Digital TV offer?

A: Metro digital TV offer about 60 Premium channels ranging from sports,movies,fashion,news and all round entertainment programmes.

Listed below are the Channels offered by Metro Digital TV.

  • Beinsport channels 
  • CNN 
  • BBC  
  • Aljazera
  • Mbc 2
  • Mbc 4 
  • Mbc action 
  • Max 
  • Ait 
  • Channels Tv 
  • MTV
  • MTV Base
  • NTA 
  • Sound City 
  • Joy Sport
  • Dubai sport 1
  • Ad sport 6 
  • TBN
  • EWTN
  • CN 
  • Natgeo wild
  • WWE
  • AIT sport
  • Dubai one
  • CCTV News
  • Joy tv
  • Dove vision
  • France 24
  • Emerald
  • City tv
  • Igbo tv
  • Bollywood
  • Series
  • 4kids
  • Sony
  • Star movie

  • --
  • Star world
  • Natgeo
  • Bloomberg
  • Nollywood
  • Discovery
  • Makosa
  • FOX
  • Fox movie
  • Child
  • BET
  • e channel
  • Gh one.
Q2: How much is Metro Digital TV Decoder?

A: The current price of Metro Digital TV Decoder is N13,900.

Q3: How many Bouquets and packages does Metro Digital TV have?


Metro Digital TV has five packages namely
  • Metro Basic
  • Metro Single Gold
  • Metro Dual Gold 
  • --
  • Metro Single Premium
  • Metro Dual Premium

Q4:What is the subscription price of Metro basic and how many channels does Metro basic offer?

A: Metro Basic offers over 20 channels at N1500 Naira Monthly.

Q5: What is the subscription price of Single Gold and how many channels does Metro Single Gold offer?

A: Metro Single Gold bouquet offers Over 60 channels at N3500 Naira per month.

Q6: What is the subscription price of Metro Dual Gold  and how many channels does Metro Dual Gold offer?

A: Metro Dual Gold offers over 60 channels and costs N4500 Naira monthly,this package is also ideal for Dual View decoder.

Q7: What is the subscription price of Metro Single Premium and how many channels does Metro Single Premium offer?

A: Metro Single Premium offers over 60 channels plus premium content at N4000 Naira monthly.

Q8: What is the subscription price of Metro Dual Premium and how many channels does Metro Dual Premium offer?

A: Metro Dual Premium offers over  60 channels plus premium content at N5000 Naira monthly,bouquet is ideal for dual view decoders.

9: Does Metro Digital TV work in all 36 States Of Nigeria?

A: No, Metro Digital TV only works in a few Nigerian state.

10: List the Nigerian states that Metro TV work?

A: Metro TV receive full signals in the following Nigerian cities listed below:

  • Port Harcourt
  • Abuja
  • Owerri
  • Enugu
  • Umuahia
  • Uyo
  • Warri
  • Benin
  • Onitsha
  • Aba

11. List all the branches,Offices and locations Of Metro Digital TV in Nigeria?


No 8A Circular Road,Opposite G.R.A Junction,Off Aba Road,Port Harcourt. 


No 2 Ezenei Avenue,Off Dennis Osadebe Way,Asaba. 


No 9 Pacific Complex, Awka Road, Onitsha. 


No 108 Aba/Owerri Road, Aba 


No 191 Upper Chime Avenue, New Haven, Enugu. 

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No 57 Zik Avenue, Awka 


YA Ahmed House Opposite Con-Oil Station Ahmadu Bello Way  
24A Ahmadu Bako Way Kano 08171381389, 081713381388 

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Suite 52/53 block 2 area 11 shopping Mall Abuja .  
Mararaba : Block A 202 Royal Plaza Opposite Building Material Mararaba Abuja. 

12. I have a complaint how do I contact Metro Digital TV customer care?

A: You can contact Metro Digital TV on +2348032291409 or you can send an e-mail to:

You can also contact Metro Digital TV's other branches closest to you with the numbers listed below:

  • Port harcourt  Contact number - 08174637583 ,08038291409 
  • Asaba Contact number - 08174637664 
  • Onitsha Contact number - 08174637666 
  • Aba Contact number - 08174637668 
  • Enugu Contact number - 08174637579 
  • Awka Contact number - 08174637660 
  • Kaduna -08094921572, 08174637658
  • Abuja central -08174637657 , 08174637663
  • Mararaba -08174637670

Q13: How do I check Metro Digital TV Subscription Expiry Date?

A: To check expiry date and bouquet status- Type Metro smartcard number*Status, send to 32810

Q14:How do I refresh Metro Digital TV Subscription?

A: To Refresh- Type Metro smartcard number*Refresh, send to 32810

Q15: How do I redeem my Metro Digital TV voucher?

A: To redeem your voucher- Type Metro smartcard number*voucher number, send to 32810

SMS charges apply

Q16: How do I fix Poor Signal Viewing Issues on Metro Tv?

A: Check your antenna position 

  • Set your decoder in the channel 54 page where you are seeing the signal intensity set as 0.
  • Turn the antenna from left to right and watch for increase in signal 
Q17: How do I  Manually Scan My Metro TV Decoder?

A: For High Definition Decoders HD
  • Press Menu on your remote
  • Locate the System submenu
  • Select Restore Factory Default
  • Default password is all zeros
  • Press OK to complete the process.
  • In the Installation guide page, press Exit in your remote control.
  • Select LCN option to Off.
  • Go to the Channel Search submenu 
  • Select Manual Search
  • Change the frequency channel to 52
  • Check if signal strength is above 50%
  • Press OK to scan.

  • Older Decoder Version
  • Press Menu button on your remote.
  • Confirm you are in the Edit Channel sub menu.
  • Select the Delete All option
  • Select Installation sub menu
  • Select the Manual scan option.
  • Change the Scan band from VHF to UHF
  • Select the channel number 52
  • Check if signal quality is above 50%

Select the search option to scan the channels.


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  5. Hello, I use to subscribe 3500 every month but I can only recieve just 42 channels and it will be only few dat will be on others no signal

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