Slot Nigeria: Buy Affordable Quality Mobile Phones,Laptops,Electronic Devices,Phone Swap In Nigeria 

So you are looking for where to buy a cheap and affordable mobile phone,laptop and electronic devices in Nigeria?

Or perhaps you are tired of your old mobile phone and you want to Swap your phone and get a newer model in Nigeria? 
Then you should check out Slot Nigeria.

  • SLOT Online Store is actually Nigeria's no1 exclusive online mobile devices retailer.
  • You can buy mobile phones, accessories, laptops, electronics and more from Slot System Online Store. 
  • Slot Nigeria also ensures secure payment,and fast delivery that comes with a local warranty.
  • Slot Nigeria mobile devices prices are relatively cheap when compared to those of other retailers.
  • Slot has many outlets all Nigeria's, and they attract lots of customers on a daily basis. 
  • Slot Nigeria has a very responsive website,if you want to know the real price of Blackberry,Samsung,Tecno Phones Etc then you should check out their websites and view the recent price of mobile devices.

Slot Nigeria: Buy Affordable Quality Mobile Phones,Laptops,Electronic Devices,Phone Swap In Nigeria 

Q1: How do I buy Mobile Phones from SLOT Nigeria?

A: You can purchase different mobile phones like original Samsung,Blackberry,iPhone,Tecno Etc and also original  accessories, laptops and electronics at SLOT Nigeria’s online store, CLICK HERE to visit their official site.

You can also buy from their physical store outlets scattered across Nigeria.

Q2: How do I swap my phone in Nigeria via SLOT Phone swap?

A: You can swap your mobile phone and get a new one wiith SLOT Phone swap all you have to do is to follow the following steps.

  • Estimated Trade In Value: This is the first step you need to take in other to swap your phone with SLOT Nigeria,just walk into any SLOT branch near you and get an estimate of what your phone is worth.
  • Back Up All Necessary Data: If you are satisfied with the estimated value of your phone and you want to go ahead and trade your phone,then you should ensure that you back up your data. You wouldn't wanna lose your Photos,Documents,Etc.
  • Trade in : Apparently you already know your mobile phone worth,then proceed and tender the phone you want to swap,you will be given a form,fill out the form correctly,present the receipt that you used to purchase the phone or a proof of ownership,you will also be asked to clearly state the phone's condition,also come with an identification card.

  • After that,you will be issued a voucher based on the estimation of your phone worth.
  • Reedem Your Voucher: Now that you have been issued a voucher based on the estimated worth of your old phone, all you need to do now is to add extra money and buy the new phone you want from SLOT Nigeria Limited.

There you have it,you have completed the SLOT Phone swap,it's easy right? If you have any questions feel free to ask,i will respond as soon as possible.



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