The Daily Sun Nigeria: Facts,Contact Address,Newspaper Headlines Today

The Daily sun is a Nigerian daily print newspaper founded and published in Nigeria.

The sun started publishing newspapers in 2011,with its contact address located in KiriKiri Industrial Layout, Lagos,Nigeria.

The Sun had a high daily print run of 130,000 thousand copies, and 135,000 for weekend printing and saw an 80% increase in sales.
Automatically The Sun became the highest selling newspaper in Nigeria

Quick Facts About The Sun Newspaper Nigeria

  • The Editor-in-chief of The Sun Newspaper is Mr. Eric Osagie.
  • Its Headquarters is located in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Website
  • The daily sun's target is young Nigerian adults within 18-45 years of age.
  • The paper is similar in format to the popular Sun newspaper of the United Kingdom.
  • The chairman of the publishing house is Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, a former governor of Abia State. 

  • Its slogan is ''Voice of the nation'.
  • Sun Publishing Limited introduced a new mini newspaper titled  SoccerStar,it gives recent football news to millions of football fans and lovers in Nigeria and it is very affordable.
  • The sun newspaper's 'Daily Sun Girl' became sensational and increased the newspapers sales in Nigeria,everyday hundreds of Nigerian girls send their pictures and contact to the sun newspaper for an opportunity to be show cased and have their pictures published as the 'Daily sun girl'.
  • That also made the daily sun popular as many readers rushed to view the picture and get the contact details of the 'Daily sun girl'.

With the availability and popularity of the internet,most people prefer going online to read the news instead of buying the actual newspaper.