The PUNCH Newspaper Nigeria: Full Contact Address,Facts,History

The Punch Newspaper is one of the first newspapers in
Nigeria,founded in 1971 it is one of the iconic Nigerian newspaper and has witnessed and reported many political transitions in Nigerian political scene.

The PUNCH Newspaper Nigeria

The PUNCH  is currently published by Ajibola Ogunsola and has a circulation of about 80,000 copies. 
The PUNCH was initially founded by two friends named James Aboderin, an accountant by profession and Sam Amuka a columnist and editor at the Daily Times of Nigeria.

Sam Amuka later became the first editor of the Sunday PUNCH  and in 1976 after an initial printing printing of its sunday editions began the full time printing of one of Nigeria's iconic newspapers.

The PUNCH area of concentration and target was the politically aware Nigerian readers with a combination of social events and political news in Nigeria.

However during Nigeria's second republic,the two founders of punch newspaper Sam Amuka and James Aboderin parted ways due to different political affiliations. 

Later on the PUNCH Newspaper began to take a strong political stance against the the Shehu Shagari regime.
The Punch newspaper editors were aware of a coup approaching and intensified their anti government tones in their reporting.

During The earlier formative years of The PUNCH Newspaper,its editors were renowned for their strong political opinions, in 1990, one of the PUNCH's editor was jailed for 54 days. 

In 1993 and 1994, the publishing house was closed on the direction of the nation's ruler.

Currently the PUNCH Newspaper still publishes paper print newspapers in Nigeria,you can also read The PUNCH Newspaper online at

The PUNCH Nigeria Limited Full Contact Address
  • 1 Olu Aboderin Street,
  • Onipetesi, P.M.B 21204,
  • Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Tel: 01-4972815, 4972817,
  • Fax: 01-4920205

PUNCH Online
  • Tel: 01-7613878

Saturday PUNCH 
  • Tel: 01-7748080

Sunday PUNCH 
  • Tel: 01-7935617, Tel/Fax 01-264517, 2647802

You can also download the PUNCH Mobile App from App World for mobile Android users,to keep up to date with PUNCH news.


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  2. good day team Punch news paper, please how can i get a 1996 news paper from your archive. i dont realy know the month and the date,but i know what i was looking for is in page 11.


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