Top 10 Career Destroying Habits In Nigeria 

Most often professionals overlook some career destroying habits mainly because of the fact

that they have gotten used to those habits so it now seems normal.

Career Destroying Habits In Nigeria 

1. Lackluster Attitude

Most professionals do not show up early to work,and most often they have a legit excuse for lateness,even if you are the 
best employee in your place of work,people still won't take you serious if you always show up to work late.
You have to eliminate the 'African Time' syndrome.

2. Dressing 

Dress the way you want to be addressed,if you are a professional or a career person,your dressing should show that your ready for business.
Wearing casual clothes to work on a busy work day sends the wrong signal.

3. Cutting Corners 

If you are used to cutting corners or you strategically avoid most of the work in your work place,your boss will eventually notice this behavior even if you think that no one is observing you.

4. Rule Breaker

As a professional or a career person you are supposed to work according to plan,most often during board meetings whenever 
the boss suggest how to execute a particular plan you agree only to eventually deviate and use another plan,this act will make you look like a disorganized and unreliable employee.

5. Negative Attitude 

You might have a negative attitude without even realizing that you do,people with negative attitude don't see positivity in any work,and always unconsciously point out the negative part of everything in their workplace.

6. Bad Attitude 

If you have a bad attitude,your boss will eventually notice,according to researchers,  
Emotions are contagious,it will just be a matter of time before your boss will take notice.

7. Critic 

Constructive criticism is ideal for any working environment,but when you become overly critical of others and start finding fault in everything,then you really do have a problem.
8. Repeating Mistakes 

No body is above mistakes including your boss,but when you keep on repeating those mistakes without taking responsibility for them,then your in for a rough ride in your chosen profession. 

9. Office Affiliation

As a professional there should be a line between work and personal attachments and affiliations with other workers,you should endeavor not to cross that line and keep everything professional.

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If you want to soar high in your chosen career,stay away from office romance,both the public and secret type of office romance,it is one of the biggest career killers in Nigeria.

10. Gossip

Stay away from side talks and gossips,focus on your work,any conversation between two employees must certainly be heard by a third employee.

In conclusion,you have to find out some of your bad career habits and drop it immediately before it ruins your career.