Top 20 Best Polytechnics In Nigeria

Nigerians have the mind set that polytechnics in Nigeria are for people that could not afford to gain admission into different universities in Nigeria.

Over the years we have seen that this is not necessarily the truth because some polytechnics rank higher than some universities in Nigeria.
There are about 38 Polytechnics in the country,
Listed below is the list and brief facts of Top 20 Best Polytechnics In Nigeria.

Top 20 Best Polytechnics In Nigeria

1.The Institute of Management Technology (IMT) 
  • Located In Enugu State, Nigeria.
  • IMT was created in 1973
  • They offer the following programmes 
  • Full-Time Program - for 2 years 
  • Part-time  Program - for 3-years
  • Poly air program - runs for 3-years in conjuction with Enugu State Broadcasting Service

2. Yaba College of Technology - Yaba Tech 

  • Established in 1947 as a successor of Yaba Higher College.
  • Provides training in:
  • Technology
  • Applied science
  • Commerce 
  • --
  • Agricultural production and distribution
  • Yaba College of Technology has 8 schools and 34 academic departments with a total of 64 accredited programmes at ND, HND and Post-HND levels.
  • The college also offers B.Sc (Ed) certificate courses.
  • The student population is 15,000, while the staff strength is 1,600.
  • Free medical services is provided at the Medical Centre
  • Sports facilities are provided
  • Second campus located at Epe. 
  • The name was changed to Federal Polytechnic Yaba in 1979, but changed back to the current one in 1980.

3. Federal Polytechnic Nekede
  • The Federal Polytechnic, Nekede Owerri 
  • Founded in1978 as the College of Technology, Owerri. 
  • The polytechnic provides full-time or part-time courses and training in:
  • Technology 
  • --
  • Applied science 
  • Commerce and Management
  • It's Motto is “Knowledge and skill for service”

4. The Polytechnic,Ibadan
  • Formerly Erstwhile Technical College
  • Established in 1970
  • Provides students with training and development of techniques in:
  • applied science
  • engineering, 
  • environmental science and
  • commerce.
5. Auchi Polytechnic
  • One of Nigeria's popular polytechnic
  • Offers undergraduate programmes, postgraduate taught programmes
  • Including Business, Technology and the Arts.
  • Strong population of over 10,000 
  • Founded in 1963

6. Lagos state polytechnic 
  • Aims to train young Nigerians and international Community to attain their full potentials and develop cutting-edge insights and foresight needed to perform at their vintage best in their future careers and to be a positive influence in the society.
  • Vision Statement: To be a Polytechnic of excellence offering world-class educational services.
  • Mission Statement:To produce skilled manpower for commerce and industry using modern facilities and competent personnel for the benefit of all.

7. Osun State Polytechnic, Iree
  • Founded in 1992
  • Aim : To provide enabling environment for the teaming youths to acquire skills that will promote technological development.
  • Objectives:To achieve excellence in character and technology
  • To develop highly motivated, disciplined and trained workforce To produce graduates with entrepreneurial, vocational and technical skills for national and global development.
  • To provide opportunities to our students to develop leadership skills.
  • To acquire and use modern technological infrastructures.

8. Federal Polytechnic Ilaro

  • Founded in 1979. 
  • Has two campuses 
  • The West Campus comprise of the Schools of Engineering and Environmental Studies, the Main Administrative Building and Annexes, Record and Data Control Unit, Information and Communication Technology [ICT] Centre, Physical and Academic Planning Unit, Central Examinations Building, Library Annex, Public Toilets, Staff Quarters, Guest House and a dam and waterworks.  
  • Both Campuses are connected with motorable tarred roads.
  • One of the top polytechnics in Nigeria.

9. Imo State Polytechnic

  • Ranked as one of the best polytechnics in Nigeria
  • Student population of over 10,000
  • Popular for technology oriented and collaborative environment.

10. Federal Polytechnic Oko

  • Founded in 1979 
  • The polytechnic is situated within Oko town in Orumba North Local Government of Anambra State.
  • --
  • Formerly a college of Arts, Science and Technology.
  • The State Polytechnic was taken over by the Federal Government and was renamed Federal Polytechnic, Oko in 1993
  • Oko polytechnic has three campuses.
  • The main campus at Oko which occupies a total land area of 89 hectares.
  • Ufuma campus: occupies a total land area of 52 hectres
  • Atani campus: occupies a total land area of 40 hectres.

11. Kaduna Polytechnic

  • Founded in 1951
  • It became Kaduna Polytechnic in 1968.
  • Established with the objective of providing:training and research in technology, the sciences, commerce, the humanities and programmes of in-service instruction for members of the public service in Nigeria.

12. Rufus Giwa Polytechnic (Ondo State Polytechnic)

  • Located in Owo,Ondo State, Nigeria. 
  • Established in 1979.
  • Formerly The Polytechnic Owo
  • It was renamed Ondo State Polytechnic in 1990
  • The polytechnic has several department in the Faculties of Engineering, Science and Technology,etc.
  • In June 2003 the polytechnic was renamed after Chief Rufus Folusho Giwa, a prominent businessman from Ondo who had become president of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN). 
  • Students protested the change of name and the school was shut down, only reopening on 29 September 2003. 
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13. Kwara State Polytechnic
  • The Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin was established in 1971.
  • Its objective is to “to provide for studies, training, research and development of techniques in arts and language, applied sciences, engineering, management and commerce, education and well as in other spheres of learning”.
  • The polytechnic has as its motto: Technology,Innovation And Service
14. Federal Polytechnic Bida
  • Originally the institution was known as the Federal College of Technology, Kano. 
  • Established in1977.
  • Before 1979, was known as the Bida College of Technology. 

15. Federal Polytechnic Ado
  • Established in 1977 
  • Has a population of over 10,000 students

  • --
  • Offers full-time and part-time National Diploma and Higher National Diploma,Certificate.

16. Federal Polytechnic Ede
  • The institution came into existence in1992 
  • Aims to provide full-time or part-time courses of instruction and training in:
  • Technology
  • Applied Science
  • Commerce and Management 

17. Federal Polytechnic Offa
  • The Federal Polytechnic, Offa came into existence in 1992.
  • --
18. Kogi State Polytechnic
  • Established in December 1992 
  • The Polytechnic took off in January 1993 with the vision to establish an institution where theory is blended with practice through imparting knowledge, which will culminate in shaping the individual and society.
  • Mission:To establish an institution where theory is blended with practice through imparting knowledge, which will culminate in shaping the individual and society.

19.Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa

20.Delta State Polytechnic