Top 20 Most Expensive Primary Schools In Nigeria

These primary schools has been listed as one of the best and most expensive primary schools in Nigeria.
Top 20 Most Expensive Primary Schools In Nigeria 

  • American International School, Lagos 
  • American International School, Abuja 
  • Lead British International School Abuja
  • Regent British School Abuja
  • Nigerian Turkish International College Abuja
  • Greensprings School Lagos
  • Corona School Ogun 
  • Grange School Lagos
  • Centagon School Abuja
  • Loral International School Lagos 
  • Christ Assembly Primary School Lagos
  • Children’s International School Lagos
  • Adrao International School Lagos
  • El-Amin International School Niger
  • PaceSetters Academy Abuja
  • Greennoak International School Rivers
  • Lagos State Model Primary School Lagos
  • ST Saviours School Lagos
  • HillCrest School Jos
  • University of Lagos Women Society School Lagos