Hospitals In Nigeria: 9 Best Private Hospitals In Nigeria

 A hospital is a health institution that provides sick or ill patients with treatment.
Doctors can treat and diagnose sickness with the use of modern medical equipments with the assistance of other medical and nursing staffs in the hospital. 

This article contains the list of the top 9 best Private Hospitals in Nigeria and their emergency contact details.
Most of these private hospitals are very expensive but they offer top notch medical services to Nigerians that can afford to pay whereas most of the public general hospitals in Nigeria cannot match up to the standards of the private hospitals. 

These list of private hospitals was composed based on user reviews from customers online.

9 Best Private Hospitals In Nigeria

1. Nigerian Turkish Nizamiye Hospital Abuja

Nizamiye Hospital Abuja, is a Specialist Hospital that is specialized in open heart surgeries,orthopaedics,obstetrics and gynaecology,dental clinic,ophthalmology, algology, nuerosurgery, anesthesiology,diagnostic angiography, radiological scan, surgery, Lab tests, emergency/elective stent applications, renal, carotid and peripheral stenting, pacemaker implantation, chronic pain treatment, Accupuncture,prostate enlargement treatments Etc 

This hospital received a lot of positive reviews from former patients plus a customer praising the hospital for the free Cataract surgery they carried out on a patient. 
The hospital is also said to have a lot of highly trained 
specialist doctors. 

 2. Reddington Hospital 

The Reddington Hospital is known in Nigeria for its cardiac health,and started out as a Cardiac Centre.  

Reddington Hospital has since expanded into a large hospital that offer services like general surgery, orthopaedics, trauma care, urology, nephrology, endocrinology, diabetes mellitus, gastro-enterlogy, radiology, ophthalmology, neurology, psychiatry and immunization.

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Plus its Family Planning Clinic,Antenatal Clinic,Fertility Clinic, Dialysis Centre and has Pediatric Intensive Care and Neonatal Intensive Care units.

3. Lagoon Hospital

Lagoon Hospital was first established in 1986 with Lagoon Hospital Apapa,after that the flagship hospital was established,followed by Lagoon Hospital Ikeja and Lagoon Hospital Victoria Island. 

Lagoon Hospital offers comprehensive health care services.  

The hospital runs specialist clinics in internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, psychiatry, dermatology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, physiotherapy, cardiology, hematology, neurosurgery and thoracic surgery.
Some of the available facilities include: 52 in-patient beds at its main branch with en-suite rooms Air conditioners and cable TV,2 operating theatres,6 bedded Intensive Care Unit (with life support ventilators), a Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), 24hr Laboratory & Pharmacy, a large out- patient facility, Radiology unit including MRI, CT Scan Suites, Mammography Unit, Doppler Scanner and Fluoroscopy X-Ray unit. 

HIV management and Physiotherapy services are also available.

4. Eko Hospital 

Eko Hospital is a private hospital operating from three locations in Lagos.

The head office at Ikeja is a 130-bed well-equipped hospital.

The hospital is rated as one of the best private hospitals in Nigeria. group maintains a 40-bed facility at Surulere and an Ambulatory clinic at Ikoyi. 
All ancillary health services are provided for all-round patient welfare. 

5. St. Nicholas Hospital 

St. Nicholas Hospital Is one of the best private hospital in Nigeria. 

It offers premium medical services. With its modern, state-of-the-art equipment in an up-scale environment, the hospital has earned itself the reputation of being the choice hospital for top executives who desire first medical services. 

6. First Consultants Hospital

First Consultants Is a private Hospital in lagos and one of the best in Nigeria. Its core practice area is in paediatrics and obstetrics.
First Consultant Hospital has received praises and accolades for the way it handled the first case of Ebola Virus reported in Nigeria.

 7. St. Ives Specialist Hospital 

St. Ives Specialist Hospital is one of the top private hospitals in Nigeria that specializes in the maintenance/improvement of health via the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments.

Every effort is made to provide the best possible standard of services at St. Ives that is if you can afford to pay the bills.
St. Ives is a multi-specialist hospital which opened in 1996. 
The hospital offers dedicated specialist services in all matters of women, children and family health. St. Ives Specialist Hospital It is managed by a group of consultants. 

8. Primus International Super Specialty Hospital

Primus Super Speciality Hospital is a state of the art institute of Specialized surgery conveniently located in Nigeria's capital city Abuja,it also features an Orthopedics and Joint replacement centre.
It's one of the best multi specialist private hospital in Nigeria.
Primus International Super Speciality Hospital also offers medical services in IVF & Gyneacology, ENT and deafness, Orthopedics for all Joint related pains, Spine, Cardiology, General Surgery,Plastic Surgery Etc 

9. Genesis Specialist Hospital 
Genesis Specialist Hospital is a private medical center located in Ikeja GRA, Lagos, Nigeria. 

Genesis Specialist Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria is one of the best private hospitals in Nigeria.

A small US-styled hospital that offers efficient medical services. Genesis Specialist Hospital also offers excellent diagnostics, treatments, and emergency services. 

Genesis Specialist Hospital deal with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that involve the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems of the body plus other medical conditions. 

These are some of the excellent privately owned hospitals in Nigeria,the downside of these health institutions is that most average Nigerians cannot afford to patronize these hospitals. If you know of any affordable and excellent hospital in Nigeria,don't hesitate to tell us in the comment box below.