13 Health Benefits And 7 Risks Of Drinking Coffee In Nigeria

Coffee has been with us for centuries, and there has been so many misconceptions about coffee for a very long time,
although most Nigerians prefer a cup of hot tea to coffee,majority of Nigerians still enjoy coffee on a regular basis,coffee contains caffeine and its speculated to be one of the most widely consumed psychoactive substance in the world.
The post contains the Health Benefits And Risks Of Taking Coffee In Nigeria.

If your one of those here are some of the health benefits of coffee and some of the risks you should watch out for.

Health Benefits And Risks Of Taking Coffee

1. Physical performance 

A cup of coffee will give you that extra boost of energy.
Coffee boosts or increases adrenaline level in your body and prepares you for any physical task.

2. Weight Loss

Perhaps you have been trying to shed that stubborn weight but nothing seems to be working,why don't you try having a cup of black coffee once in a while because it has be found to help with weight loss. 

Coffee may help you lose weight.Also helps to reduce your craving for sugary snacks. 

3. Internal Regulator

Coffee contains magnesium and potassium, which helps the human body use insulin and hence regulating blood sugar levels

4. Fat Burner

Coffee burns fat with the help of caffeine it breaks down fat cells and use it as fuel.

5. Focus

Coffee helps you stay alert and focus mentally.

6. Longevity

Coffee has been shown to lower risk of death by 25%.
According to researchers coffee drinker’s overall risk of premature death is 25% lower than of those who don’t drink coffee.

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7. Cancer Exterminator 

Coffee reduces the risk of terminal cancers according to a study,consumption of coffee reduced the risk of developing  prostate cancer in men by 20 %, and endometrial cancer in women by 25%. 
Also coffee helps to prevent cancer of the skin called basal cell carcinoma.

8. Stroke Preventer

Coffee reduces the risk of stroke.Moderate consumption of coffee daily has been associated with lower risk of stroke.

9. Parkinson’s 

Coffee reduces risk of Parkinson’s disease with a 25 % decrease in the risk of contacting the disease by coffee drinker’s.

10. Protection 

Coffee protects your body.It also contains a lot of antioxidants, that function and protects the body against free radicals within your body.

11. Prevents Diabetes 

Coffee has been credited with the ability to lower risk of Type II diabetes. 
The caffeine contained in coffee decreases insulin sensitivity and  reduces type 2 diabetes.

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12. Brain Protector

Coffee helps protect your brain through the level of caffeine in your blood.
It helps to reduce the risk of dementia and other potential brain diseases.

13. Mood

Coffee helps to heighten your mood,by stimulating the production of of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline, which are responsible for controlling your mood. 

Disadvantages Of Taking Coffee

1. Toxic

Bad adulterated coffee can be toxic to your body system because of impurities in it hence it can cause sickness.

2. Death

Drinking too much of coffee can kill you. If you make it a habit of consuming many cups of coffee daily,it might eventually kill you.

3. Insomnia

The caffeine inside coffee can cause insomnia,this is a situation where you cannot sleep naturally.
Normally the recommended maximum amount of caffeine is 400 milligrams,do not exceed consume too much coffee.

4. Restlessness 

Too much coffee can cause restlessness as a result of the active caffeine.

5. Pregnancy

Do not drink coffee when your pregnant,studies on coffee's effect on a fetus has been been controversial and inconclusive,if you drink coffee when pregnant, caffeine might reach the fetus,causing the fetus to become sensitive to caffeine. 

6. Cholesterol 

Do not drink coffee if you have a high cholesterol level,coffee has been found to increase cholesterol level.

7. Kids

Giving coffee to kids is not advisable,studies have shown that caffeine consumption of kids between the ages of 5-7 may increase bedwetting also known as enuresis.

In conclusion,drinking moderate amount of coffee can be good for your health.
You should also check the quality of the coffee you are consuming as bad adulterated coffee can be bad for your health.