How To Start And Succeed In Bulk SMS Business In Nigeria

You can start and make your own money through bulk sms business in Nigeria.

Bulk SMS Business In Nigeria

Is bulk sms business profitable?

This article will explain to you how you can easily start and make money online via bulk sms,all you need to do is to become a bulk sms reseller and start making money from it.

Bulk SMS business is profitable because of the emergence of new companies and organizations that want to reach out potential customers,right now,from churches to banks to industries etc has embraced the trade.

Bulk SMS operators also make a lot of money during election period because of high demand from politicians looking for votes and desperately trying to reach out to potential voters via bulk sms.

Q1: What is Bulk SMS / Bulk SMS Reselling?

A: Bulk SMS is the process of sending out thousands of sms or text messages through the 
internet to the phones of a large individuals and organizations with the aim of informing them about a particular event,program,sales etc.

Bulk SMS system also allows you to deliver SMS messages to mobile devices anywhere in the world.
Q2: What are the equipments needed to become a Bulk SMS Reseller in Nigeria?

A: To become a bulk SMS reseller, you would need the following: 

  • An Internet Enabled Laptop or Personal Computer 

  • Little capital to start up with.
Q3: How do I start selling bulk SMS in Nigeria?

A: They are basically two major ways of starting and setting up bulk sms business in Nigeria,allow me to briefly explain below:

Create Your Own Bulk SMS website 

  • Creating your own bulk sms website is not that easy,its not like creating a blog,you must have to be a programmer or hire the services of a programmer.
  • You website should also have advanced features like automatically removing any duplicate numbers or scheduled sms,your website should also have an API SWAP option.
  • Build a website with a flashy design and prompty coded to send sms,save user details,allocate credits etc
  • Register a domain name for your website.
  • Acquire a web hosting plan. 
  • Buy a SMS Gateway Account from an SMS gateway provider. 
  • Link your SMS website to the SMS gateway provider with whom you have created an account.
  • Fund your account with the service provider.
  • Market your service.
  • Provide bulk sms for your customers.
Register with a bulk SMS Website

This is the easiest,simply find a reliable SMS wholesaler online,and register with them,familiarized with their operations and start sending sms right away.

Q4: What are the factors I should check before choosing a bulk sms website? 

A: Research about them,check out their reviews,their prices etc,remember that the sole aim of starting this business is to make profit.

Q5: Explain the process involved in sending bulk sms?

A: This days its as easy as pie,just follow the steps below:

Sign up with a Bulk SMS Service Provider of your choice example etc 
  • They will configure your portal for you within minutes.
  • Purchase custom SMS units or credit,and you’re good to go.
  • Determine how much you will charge your customers. take into account how you are paying for the units acquired from your provider,then know how much you will charge your customers.
  • No need to be a HTML expert or a programmer.Just manage your store and customers and generate revenue.
Q6: How do I market and make money from bulk sms?

A: After creating your account with any bulk sms service producer,just like any business,you have to promote it in other to get more customers and make money.

Advertise your business,you can use blogs or advertise on Google adwords to reach out to potential customers.

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Ensure customer satisfaction through timely and efficient delivery,with a high conversion rate and a moderate price,that way customers will keep on coming back to you.

If you have any questions,don't hesitate to ask.