6 Quick Easy Steps To Start Up A Printing Press In Nigeria With A Heidelberg Kord - D.I Machine

Starting up a printing press can be easy for you,or a tedious task,it all depends on the information you have at hand.

This article contains some easy steps to start up your printing press in Nigeria.
Starting up a printing press depends on the capital you have at hand,because printing business is capital intensive but lucrative.

Quick Easy Steps To Set Up A Printing Press 

Business Location 

Choose a business location. If you want to start up a profitable printing business, you'll need to choose a near perfect location for your press.
It could be a very important factor in your business.

Printing Niche

Be specific and list out the type of services your printing press will offer,you might consider printing brochures, textbooks, wedding cards, calender, diary, souvenir customization Etc


Your printing press will need the services of a graphic artist or a graphic designer,lithograhic for plate making.

Printing Machines

Depending on the amount of money in your pocket,you need to buy some printing machines like a Heidelberg Kord or a D.I Machine.
A good fairly used Heidelberg Kord is very rugged and is the favorite when it comes to printing business in Nigeria.

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A very clean kord costs about N5 Million Naira,or you can go for a D.I Machine which you can get for about N10 - 15 Million Naira or more and can print from A6 to large banners.

Do not expect to buy a brand new Heidelberg Kord,those machines are outdated,however you can get a refurbished Kord that can still serve,on the other hand can buy a brand new D.I Machine as it's the most advanced printing machine currently

Also make arrangement for a Polar machine for cutting of paper,and a 201 machine for A4 printing which also print colour seperation.

A good 201 machine costs about N800,000 Naira.

Make arrangements for a stable source of power such as generator 3.5 kva, a UPS, Good wiring system, an Air condition, and properly ventilated space for business.

If you end up buying a DI Machine,you will have to make plans for its operators because the machine needs expertise and skill to operate.


Advertise your printing press by moving around,going to offices and firms for printing business and contracts.
Visit schools, private hospitals, restaurants,hotels, fast-food,recreation centers,malls and many other different business premises and tell them about your new printing press.
Advertise on newspapers and google ad words to reach out to thousands of potential customers. 

Have a solid and good knowledge of the current prices of printing materials. 
Submit quotations and job estimated prices to your potential clients.


Make sure you deliver and execute your jobs swiftly and on time,also consider adding some free value added services like free home delivery Etc in other to stay ahead of your competitors.