Top 10 Tourist Locations & Spots In Nigeria

So you just got married or perhaps you want to go for a
vacation and your wondering where you can jet off to enjoy a well deserved vacation in an exotic destination without breaking the bank.

Nigeria has a lot of exotic tourist destinations and attractions that are quite attractive that you can check out.
So before you jet off to Dubai or any other expensive tourist location in the world,you should check out some of these tourist centers and locations scattered in Nigerian cities.

Top 10 Tourist Spots & Destinations In Nigeria

1. The Obudu Cattle Ranch

The  Cattle Ranch located in Cross River State Nigeria is also referred to as the Obudu Mountain Resort is one of the most exotic tourist location in Nigeria.

It features a natural expanse of lands and forests plus a resort located in a very high altitude and cold humid weather.

The resort also has full accommodations,cabin houses,swimming pools,cable cars Etc 

2. Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort

The exotic Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort is Located in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria and is also ideal for newlyweds and tourist enthusiasts. 

Le Meridien Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort is a 45 minute drive from the Uyo International airport and located in a midst rich palm forest vegetation.

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The Resort is a High-end lodging featuring an 18-hole golf course, polished restaurant,a club and a piano bar.
3. La Champagne Tropicana Beach Resort

The La Campagne Tropicana is a privately owned 60-acre beach resort in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.

The African themed La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort offers exotic hospitality with modern luxury.

The beach resort has been patronized by world class dignitaries including ex-presidents, ministers and high ranking monarchs and is regarded as one of the best beach resorts in Nigeria.

4.The Whispering Palms Resort

The Whispering Palms Resort is located in Lagos, Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria and Ideal for family vacations and getaways.

The resort lies by the edge of the beach and offers beautiful ocean views with affordable accommodations.

The Whispering Palms Resort is just a 20-minute drive away from Slave Museum House and a 30-minute drive away from The French Village and the 1st Storey Building.

5. Ngwo Pine Forest

One of the magnificent wonder of nature.
The Ngwo pine forest is located in Enugu state and attracts a lot of visitors.

The forest is romantically set by Mother Nature with sharp twists for adventure seekers with beautifully set pine trees.

6. Tinapa Free Zone & Resort

The Tinapa freezone and resort is a blend of romantic getaway and tourist exploration all fused in a natural environment.

The Tinapa Free Zone & Resort has a 860,000 sq ft lettable retail space, an entertainment strip that houses a digital cinema, restaurants, a mini amphitheater, casino, and children’s arcade center, a Studio Tinapa for Nollywood, a night club and pubs.

The resort is also located near the ocean and offers a great view,you can also go on a boat cruise near the resort.

7. Ogbunike Caves

Ideal for romantic thrill seekers and tourists.

The ogbunike cave is located in Anambra State south east Nigeria,it is listed as one of the UNESCO Heritage Site.

There are 317 steps that need to be used to descend down to the caves.
8. Coconut Beach

Imagine taking a 20 miles walk filled with coconut trees beside  the ocean.

The coconut beach located in Badagry lagos state has breathtaking and beautiful ocean views, a also a perfect place for relaxation.

The coconut beach located before the border between Republic of Benin and Nigeria.

The  Coconut beach is unique and romantic because it is surrounded by a lot of coconut trees.

9. Yankari Games Reserve

The Yankari national park is Located in Bauchi,a nothern Nigerian state.The animal reserve park has the largest collection of Animals in Nigeria.

The Yankari National Park hosts 50 different species of animals and about 550 elephants,approximately the largest herd of elephants in West Africa.

The Yankari Games Reserve also boasts of more than 59 caves, and a crystal clear water at a temperature of around 31 degrees Celsius that is available for tourists to swim in.

10. Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort

Located in Ikogosi, a town in the  Ekiti State Nigeria.

The Ikogosi Warm Spring is famously known for the flowing side by side of hot and cold water from its spring, and its said to be the only one of its kind anywhere in the world.

The meeting point of the warm and cold springs is a unique attraction to tourists.


11. Kajuru Castle

The last but not the least is the Kajuru castle that was built in 1978 by a controversial German expatriate living in Kaduna.
This expansive castle has a european and german form of architecture.

The castle has a baronial hall, complete with suits of armour,plus dungeon style bedrooms and towers with crenulated walls. 

This castle is located in Kaduna and for a fee you and your spouse can spend a night in this ersatz Bavarian Castle.