Top 10 Cheapest Online Shopping Stores In Nigeria

If you are in Nigeria and your a shopaholic,then this article is for you. 

Whether you are looking for online shopping in Nigeria for clothes or online stores for phones or a list of online shopping sites in Nigeria,well search no further because this article contains the Top 10 Online Shopping Shops/Stores In Nigeria plus the cheapest online shopping stores in Nigeria.

Most of us are already familiar with popular online shops like kaymu,konga,tafoo,payporte etc but there are also other cheap online stores you should also check out.
The beauty of online shops is that you can literally access hundreds, if not thousands of items from the comfort of your living room,and also get your ordered item delivered in front of your door without stress,pretty cool right? 

Online shopping in Nigeria generates over ₦1.5 billion naira monthly with hundred of orders placed monthly across Nigeria.

Top 10 Online Shopping Stores In Nigeria 

1. Jumia

The biggest online shop in nigeria is Jumia.
Jumia was formerly known as Africa Internet Group (AIG) and was created in 2012 in Lagos.

Jumia also has a presence across 23 African countries. 

The company also offers different lines of services eg Jumia Market, Jumia Travel, Food, Jumia House, Etc


At Jumia's website you can buy literally everything from Phones & Tablets to Baby items,Computing,Electronics,Home & Office applicances,Men and Women Clothing,Shoes,Health & Beauty Etc.

Presently Jumia operates 126 websites across 23 African countries.

With an envious coverage of 90% of African GDP and 3 million customers,boosted with 3000 employees across Africa and a network of 500,000 sellers,Jumia is the number one leader of online commerce in Nigeria and Africa.

When it comes to shopping online in Nigeria,Jumia always delivers.

2. Konga

Konga is a Nigerian electronic e-commerce company founded in 2012 with headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos State.

Konga offers sales from consumer electronics to fashion, home appliances, books, children's items, and personal care products.
Initially Konga's plan was to focus on sales within Lagos,but eventually broadened its scope to all of Nigeria in December 2012.

Konga is one of the most visited website in Nigeria.
In November 29, 2013, crashed and remained offline for 45 minutes as a result of unprecedented traffic due to its yearly Black Friday promotion.

Konga gives amazing discount during special seasons and occasions at low prices and also operates on a pay on delivery system. 


Slot is no doubt the biggest and largest seller of mobile phones, computer and gadget accessories in Nigeria today.

Slot ng is very reliable when it comes to buying mobile gadgets online in Nigeria. 

They also have physical offline shops scattered across various major cities in the country.

They are also the only online gadget seller offer trade ins and exchange of mobile phones in Nigeria.

4. Payporte 

Payporte is definitely one of the top online stores in Nigeria.

The company was one of the sponsors of BBN and hence became popular among young online shoppers
Also with the implementation of its 1k shop,customers can shop on items valued at below one thousand naira.

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They offer basically different range of products from Fashion, to electronics,home appliances etc ...

5. OLX

Olx is a very popular website for people who want to buy or sell anything within the country,just register and put up the item you will want to sell and within seconds,your 
product will be advertised to thousands of potential buyers.

6. Coliseum

Formerly knows as Taafoo.
This online shop sells mainly fashion products and offers free delivery services within Lagos to customers with a minimum purchase of N5,000.

They also have an offline fashion mall in Ikeja, Lagos.

7. Dealdey

An online shopping store that features a daily deal on the best things to do, see, eat, and buy in Nigeria. 
This website also encourages local businesses as they are mostly advertised.

8. Kaymu

Another online shop that offers a wide variety of products for sale. 

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They sell their own products as well as products from other sellers who use the platform to trade. 

You can sign up at Kaymu as a buyer or a seller.

9. Jiji is ideal for anyone that wants to buy or sell in Nigeria.
Jiji is a free online market where buyers and sellers meet to transact. 
If you want to sell any item just register on Jiji and get ready to start receiving calls from potential buyers.

10. Yudala is one of the newest online store in Nigeria. 
Right now it has branches scattered around Nigeria.
Yudala launched its online shopping services in August 2015.