30 Ways To Make Your Car Last Longer On Nigerian Roads 


Ever wondered how some people are able to take care of their vehicles,driving a car in Nigeria has its challenges because of bad roads,
however in this article we will look at easy ways to make your car last longer and also tips that will save you from the stress of frequent visits to auto mechanic workshops.
You have to develop the habit of checking and fixing whatever seems to be out of place in your car. Procrastination is the main reason why they are many broken and spoilt cars on the Nigerian road.

How To Make Your Car Last Longer In Nigeria 

1. Always check the level of your car engine oil and change your at least every 3 - 6 months,this will help to  lengthen the life span of your car.

2. Also change your oil filter during every oil change as well.

3. Also check the level of brake fluid and transmission fluid every morning.

4. Regularly check the pressure of your tyres once a week,also observe the level of the engine radiator coolant,it is advised to flush or change your radiator coolant once or twice a year.

5. Check all drive belts for crack at least once a month.

6. Check the cars brake pads at least once every 2weeks.

7. The suspension of the car should be checked once every eight weeks.

8. Always replace air filters once every 6months.

9. Avoid revving your vehicle engine to the red-zone marked on your dashboard.
10. Check your wheel balancing and alignments.

11. Don't allow fuel to finish in your car,to avoid the sucking of dirt by the engine and to avoid damage to the carburettor or injector.

12. Avoid parking your car in the sun always.

13. Limit the way you use the car A/C. Your A/C consumes fuel and puts more work load on your car engine.

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14. Take the route with the flattest terrain and fewest stops.

15. Try to avoid traffic jams,hold up's and stop-and-go traffic.

15. Check your spark plugs,also visit your auto mechanic if your "Check Engine" light comes on.

17. Driving at moderate speed saves fuel and lives,consider using the cruise control function to maintain your speed.

18. An under-inflated tires will require more energy to roll,and more energy means more fuel,always make sure that your tire pressure is always even.

19. More energy means more gas. When it's time, consider replacing worn tires with low-rolling resistance tires.

20. Shut off the engine if you have to sit in your car for some minutes.

21. Avoid carrying unnecessary heavy items in your car.

22.Tighten your fuel cap to prevent gas from evaporating into the air. 

23. Avoid sudden stops and starts.

24. Observe and track your mileage.

25. The break system of your car is very important,don't joke with it,always check it out.
26. Make sure that you have a durable spare tyre.

27. Go for vehicle alignment in other to extend the life of the tyres and  protect the vehicle from shaking while driving on speed.

28. Don’t speed up immediately you start the car,allow the vehicle to warm first. When you drive off, start slowly and gradually increase the speed.

29. Wash your car regularly,make sure you wash your car as often as possible to prevent dirt and rust. 

30. The lifespan of your vehicle depends on how you take care of it. 


  1. Taking care of a car is more tough task than owing it. Doing regular service leads to maintain a longer life that you have never expect. It is good to do regular service at a reputed car service shop. Where the mechanics check all the fluid levels that provides good support for running of your car. Do wheel balancing by doing correct alignment. Avoid sudden start and stop of your car may creates additional way to keep your car in working condition.


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