How To Spot Fake Refurbished Android Phones In Nigeria

Android phones has taken over,they come in different shapes,sizes,colors and brands.

Some of the most popular brands are Tecno,Samsung Etc.
Its funny how most people buy android phones in Nigeria only for the phone to stop working in less than six months even though the phone was bought from a phone shop.
The post contains quick tips on how to spot a fake counterfeit android phone in Nigeria. 

How To Spot Fake Counterfeit Android Phone In Nigeria

Counterfeit android phones mobile phone manufacturers make the fake phones to look exactly like the genuine product and even for android geeks,sometimes it will be difficult to decipher if its an original phone or the fake.

There are two types of bad android phones in the Nigerian market,the first one is the outright fake android phone that looks like the original but it is a clone,while the second is the refurbished android phone that is sold to unsuspecting buyers as a 'brand new android device' whereas it is a faulty phone that has been refurbished. 

This type of supposed Android phones are the types that spoil just months after purchase. 
How To Spot And Avoid Buying Refurbished Android Phones In Nigeria

Now you may want to ask yourself this question,how do I spot a fake or refurbished android phone in Nigeria? 

Observe this steps below:

1. Research About The Android Phone

It is very important that you carry out research on the android phone you want to buy before going to buy the phone. Find out the phone's specific model number, available colours,features,software version Etc from the  manufacturers website or online,once you have this information it will be easier for you to identify a fake android phone.

2. Appearance

After making a research about the phone you should now be conversant with the original phones looks and appearance. 

When given a fake or counterfeit phone,carefully check the appearance of the phone,check things like the colour, location of buttons, size or spelling of the brand name, also check the difference in weight, screen size, location of buttons and battery,quality of printing,paint finish,you can observe all these within seconds of observing the counterfeit phone,if you notice any thing different,simply walk away from that phone shop.
3. Android Phone Features 

You can spot a fake android phone through this way. Fake phones have different features to genuine models.

Some obvious signs of fake phones include features like dual SIM cards, analogue TV etc.
Also check the model no and specifications of the phone you want to buy.

Check the phone's colour availability,internal memory capacity,camera megapixels,screen quality and operating system,if it differs with what you researched about then its probably a refurbished or a fake phone.

4. Phone Respond And Processing Speed 

Refurbished phones in the black market has already been worked on with usually sub-standard and cheap materials that is not from the original manufacturer’s and hence will be sluggish with lower processing speed.
Also with refurbished phones some softwares and applications may not be working properly.

5. Availability

Before you buy an android phone in Nigeria check for the model and its availability on the manufacturers website and ensure that the phone is still being manufactured.

Most times refurbished android mobile phones tend to flood the Nigerian market when the genuine manufacturer has stopped the production of a particular model.

6. IMEI Number

Every genuine android mobile phone should have an  IMEI Number. 

An IMEI number is called the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number.

The IMEI number can be used to verify if a mobile device is real or fake.
Most fake or counterfeit android phones don't have an IMEI number or use a fake one.
Before you buy an android phone check the IMEI number,most times it is written on the phone packaging or under the phone's battery.
You can also press *06 on the phone to find out the 
IMEI number.

A real IMEI number will reveal information like the android device's country of production, manufacturer and model type Etc 

7. Batteries

You can spot a fake android phone from its batteries,although this is usually difficult because the batteries will look like the genuine one.

8. Genuine Sellers

They are some registered and trusted retailers in Nigeria like Slot Mobile Phones, Fine Brothers Etc, consider buying your phones from trusted retailers,that sell some of the cheapest and best top affordable android devices in Nigeria.

9. Warranty 

Check for the phones warranty,most genuine mobile phone retailers offer a limited warranty that covers the handset for a limited amount of time. 

Some Nigerian phone retailers like Slot Nigeria also issues phone warranty.

Android Phones that don't come with warranty might be a refurbished phone.
Also ensure to keep the receipt of your Android device so that you can claim a warranty if your device is faulty. 

10. Android Phone Price 

Most fake or refurbished android phones are sold at a very cheap price whereas the genuine phone is usually sold at a higher price,so when you see an android phone being sold at a ridiculously cheap price,then it might be a fake phone.

11. Check The Screen

Check on the android device screen’s brightness and vibrancy,an original android screen is vibrant,lively and bright, Fake devices show dull colors and images.

12. Multi Task

Check the Android phone,by running your finger over the phone,look out for any cheap plastic finishing or logo,Multi-task by opening multiple applications. 

Play music in the background and open many other applications.
Do not close applications,just press the Home button and open other apps and games,a fake or refurbished android phone will run sluggishly or hang.

You can also run embedded or follow come games on the phone to check the android phone graphics.

13. Android Codes

You can also check the authenticity of an android phone by dialing some of these android codes.

A genuine android device will respond,while a fake one won't.

Check out the codes below:
  • #06# [Displays device IMEI number]
  • *#1234# [Displays device current firmware]
  • *##1472365## [GPS test settings]
  • ##197328640## [Service mode main menu]
  • ##4636## [Diagnostic and general settings mode]
  • #0# [General Test Mode]
  • #0228# [ADC Reading]
  • --
  • *#0283# [Audio Loopback Control]
  • *#0289# [Melody Test Mode]
  • *#03# [NAND Flash S/N]
  • *#0588# [Proximity Sensor Test Mode]
  • *#0589# [Light Sensor Test Mode]
  • *#0673# [Audio Test Mode]
  • *#07# [Test History]
  • *#0782# [Real Time Clock Test]
  • *#0842# [Vibra Motor Test Mode]
  • *#12580369# [SW & HW Info]
  • *#1575# [GPS Control Menu]
  • *#2263# [RF Band Selection]
  • *#232331# [Bluetooth Test Mode]
  • *#232337# [Bluetooth Address]
  • *#232338# [WLAN MAC Address]
  • *#232339# [WLAN Test Mode]
  • *#2663# [TSP / TSK firmware update]

Nigerian Computer Village:

Some of the android phones sold there are cloned android devices from China,so if you must buy from the computer village,then make sure you carry out all the steps I have mentioned above.

Also try to make a call with the phone at the point of purchase,disassemble and check the phones accessories,the back and batteries.