How To Fix And Revive A Phone Dropped In Water 

A lot of people will ask what to do if they accidentally drop their samsung,iPhone or generally any mobile phone inside water.

Whenever your phone falls into water,the next step you take will determine if you can ever be ready to use your mobile phone again. 
Most time these accidents occur because we are always fond of our phone and tend to do most chores with our phones and mobile devices in our pockets or hand. 

How To Fix And Revive A Phone Dropped In Water

When your phone drops into water,follow the steps immediately: 

1. Pull out the phone out of the water immediately,do not turn back on your phone.

2. Try to keep your phone on,if you don't have a detachable battery until its dry,if however your phone has a detachable battery,consider removing the battery,all though the phone will turn off. 

3. Remove all detachable peripherals from the device (back cover, case, battery, headphones and any other removable gadget. 

4. Take the phone an put it in front of a fan,your sole aim should be to dry the phone and remove as much moisture as possible from the phone. 
You can also use a vacuum to vacuum round the device,if you have a vacuum.
Also consider using a hair dryer to blow the wet phone. 

5. You can use a substance that can draw out moisture or a  desiccant found in shoes. 

Most people put their wet phones inside an uncooked raw rice for a couple of hours. 

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However an experiment conducted on this shows that blowing your phone with vaccum or a hair dryer or even placing the device in front of a fan works better than putting your phone inside a bag or rice or covering with towels. 

After properly drying your phone for about 24 - 48 hours,turn the phone on,it should be working properly now.