How To Quickly Make Afang Soup

Afang soup is a tasty vegetable soup that originated from the Ibibio People of Akwa Ibom in South South Nigeria.

The soup is peculiar with the Efiks and ibibios in Awka ibom and Cross river states in Nigeria.

This nutritious dish is now one of the most popular vegetable soups in Nigeria and Africa.
This article contains steps on how to quickly cook Afang soup.

Quick Facts About Afang Soup

  • The Igbos prepare a similar soup called the 'Ukazi Soup'.
  • The afang leaf is the main ingredient in the soup.
  • The Afang leaf is also called the Gnetum africana.
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  • The leaf is also used to prepare a popular dish made by the Igbo's called ''Ugba''.
  • Sometimes the Afang leaf is usually blended with the  water leaves.

Ingredients For Afang Soup

  • 1. The Afang leave (Dry or fresh)
  • 2. Meat - Beef, chicken goat meat 
  • 3. Grounded fresh pepper.
  • 4. Palm oil
  • 5. Onion 
  • 6. Kpomo/Cow skin
  • 7. Seasoning - Maggi or Knoor
  • 8. Salt
  • 9. Water leaves
  • 10. Dry Fish
  • 11. CrayFish

How To Make Afang Soup Quickly

  • Wash both leaves separately. 
  • Then slice them into tiny pieces.
  • Put leaves into separate containers.
  • Soak the dry fish in warm salt water.
  • Pound the Afang leaves inside a mortar till it turns to paste.
  • Boil the meat with seasoning plus onions in water for about 10 minutes.
  • Add the dry fish and kpomo to the boiling meat.
  • Cook for 5-7 minutes.
  • Add the palm oil, crayfish and pepper.
  • Allow to simmer until the palm oil blends with the stocks.
  • Add water leaf and Afang leaf.
  • Add Knoor or Maggi cubes.
  • Add sliced onions and salt to taste.
  • Cook for 10 minutes.

And that's how to quickly cook your Afang soup.